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Yup, it works correctly! thanks!!

The Survival Mode seems to have a game breaking bug. If you don't press any button, garbage lines will continue to be added, but the Game Over will not be triggered

Congratulations for your degree! Looking forward for the updated version of this excellent game

Hurray! I'm so glad I've found this. It's definitely on my top 3 Tetris games. I appreciate the customizability and the wonderful visual effects.

Here is a small suggestion. On the finish screen, if you get a new record, it would be nice to quickly see on which position.

For inspiration, here's how another game (Mr Driller) does it, by showing "2nd" before your name.

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Just finished this little gem! It plays beautifully on a retro handheld console, such as the Miyoo Mini. I just a little sad I didn't rescue all the astronauts ...

Fun to play and well polished

Thanks! :D I'll fix the sound after the jam

The restrictions are respected rigorously.  It's an excellent copy of the original

awesome game! the only thing missing is a boss. if there is one, I admit, I am weak at this game :D

Excellent sound effects. Gameplay is simple but strangely addictive. Great overall game

Probably the best game in the entire jam, on all levels: gameplay, design, art, overall polish

Thanks for the feedback. Yup, forcing the mutation somehow is what I was thinking. Right now, you can avoid the mutation and just get the regular powerup; and it gets really easy / boring

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'ello :D

Spooky, fun, and a remarkable creation for this Jam

The restrictions aren't met (higher than 84x48 res), he game feels pretty generic, but the artwork is absolutely jaw dropping! Cheers for that!!

Quite hard for my brain. But brilliant idea, well done on the execution

Thanks for thew feedback :) I played it, it's very fun. Didn't manage to finish it though

The mechanic is simple and easy to understand. What makes the game fun is the puzzle design. Cheers for that!

+ 3D in 84x48x1bpp looks surprisingly good with carefully designed assets

- Gameplay feels too simple

The funny thing is, it was implemented real time initially. I added the turn based logic in order to easily investigate some bugs in the collision code. Then I realized it just makes a lot more sense to be turn based. I'm glad you like it. I might have some time after the compo to add some polish and features to it (including real time)

Thanks for the feedback :D I'll explore other viable solutions to control the secondary snake. I couldn't find any in time for the Jame though.

Controls and phyiscs feel perfect. Awesome job on the polish as well!!

Insanely hard, but splendid design and excellent polish

It takes a while to understand what's going on. But the game is fun! The idea is consistent, the graphics are nice and well put together, obviously a lot of work went into i

Thanks a lot! :)


Simple concept, solid execution

+ Silly, good looking pixels :D

- The fast ghosts make it very hard, but not necessarily unfair, it does require some skill

Thanks for the feedback! Yes, there is a lot of room for polish :)


Thanks for the feedback! :)

+ The controls feel float, but it's ok, they make the game easier. Also love the left/right wrapping

+ Sound effects are nice

- The restrictions aren't met 100%, you can move less than 1px

- The level generator is too unpredictable, some levels are much harder than others

thanks for the feedback. the idea about not moving automatically came up pretty late, but indeed it fits the game concept perfectly

Amazing puzzle gameplay from such a simple concept

+ Great sound

+ Nice polish / animations

Straightforward implementation of the on/off theme. Love the level design

Hard to master, but fair controls. It's amazing what can be done with just 2 buttons

Pretty graphics and animations

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I don't have much experience in designing game, but I have to admit that using a gravity change mechanic in itself is challenging. Your game also allows walking on walls and changing the polarity on those as well, so it's an extra dimension of complexity. As a player, I find it confusing when left / right are inverted. You could try keeping absolute left / right even when changing polarity from floor to ceiling and viceversa. For the lateral walls, it's a little different, but similar in a way: when going from floor to right wall, my brain could easily understand that right key goes up, but after switching polarity and landing on the left wall, somehow it's very hard / unnatural to switch the expectation that right key goes down. However, this might prove tricky to handle when going from floor to wall, and viceversa.

+ Perfect 1-button controls

+ Explosion effects

+ Nice level progression

+ Hard but fair

- No sound

Definitely love the graphics / sound polish

Perfect 2-button controls

Definitely love the graphics / sound polish

To bad this is unfinished

AMAZING what you could do with so few pixels

+ Awesome puzzle gameplay

+ Excellent sound effects

+ Great overall graphics and theme