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Idk man, I don't find running around an empty field that enjoyable. But the music and arwork are nice, good job.

I'm sorry, but the sound when you start a new level/die hurts my ears. Otherwise, a decent game

Being able to work solely on programming (even if I had to do some 3d modeling (poorly) at the end) really speeds up scripting time.

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Yup, the game works fine now! This game reminds me of Plants vs Zombies. I think the game's good, but I do have a couple of suggestions:

Maybe add different ways to control the camera's movement? I think that being able to play this game entirely with the mouse could be good. So the scroll-wheel could be used to move the camera, or arrows at the right side of the screen or something like that.

I think that the pusher is a little overpowered for it's price. Maybe it could take a battery for every use instead of when it was built? Also the pusher could display the remaining uses in some way, like with a separate blue or red bar.

Lastly, I think that the rotating tower should target enemies that are the closest to them and not the base.

I also found a couple of bugs. The most glaring one is that the rotating tower doesn't aim at the center of the enemy, but at the bottom left corner. Also, if you demolish the tower and rebuild it, it stops aiming for some time. The red enemies don't spawn in any level past the one they were introduced in. Finally, in the settings menu the resolution selection moves way too slowly with the scroll wheel. Multiplying it's speed by 5 or so will make it much nicer.

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The latest version of firefox, I guess.

edit: The game works in chrome.
I would suggest normalizing the player's speed when moving diagonally (so that he moves the same amount up or down as he does up-left or down-right etc)

The game doesn't load for me :c
I'm playing on Win 10 on a 4:3 monitor

The game does not work in 4:3. I cannot see the leftmost and the rightmost lanes and cannot get metal. And because the game is only in full screen I cannot do anything.

Thank you!

Yeah, the splitting ammo rapid fire is a bug, I'll fix it in a bit.

Also, thank you very much for the suggestions, I'll try to implement them!

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Game Title/URL: Gun Smith

Pitch/Information: A first person shooter where you can customize your own gun with different modifications (for example, iron sights or a lucky charm). There are 9 levels in total with multiple "boss battles" and different modification values (basic, uncommon and legendary). The modifications that enemies drop are random, but you cannot get a legendary modification from earlier levels, or a basic one from the last levels.

I'd like feedback on: Basically anything, but especially the gameplay and the modification variety, as they were the things that I focused on a lot.

This is a pretty nice game overall, but I would suggest giving the player a health pickup after a certain amount of enemies have been killed, like in The Legend of Zelda 1.

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I'm pretty sure I know what's wrong, the newer version of winrar has a new way to compress files that doesn't get picked up by older versions. I'll try to reupload the archive without any compression at all to see if that'll help.

This is a fun game but I got soft locked on the level with 3 doors. One of the doors took all of my keys at once and there's nothing that I can do to continue.

The game does not work. You have to make it playable in the page if it is made with unity WebGL or rebuild the game to work on windows/mac/etc.

Hey, is this game still being updated? It was quite a while ago and if you are working 100 % on Rhythm Doctor then I understand, but at least after that game is done could you please work on this game so it is playable again?