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Thanks :)
Pancho is now safe back home

My bad, I did not translate the game and forgot there is a level with one instruction that it's actually important "use the action button to extend the crosswalk". The blocks are solid, but when you use the action button next to them they extend and you should be able to walk over the crosswalk no matter the color of the lights.

Let me know if that was the problem.

This one was surprisingly fun. Congrats to all the devs!

Thanks to the speed-running tutorial in the comments I got this score on my second run :D

I am a gamedev and I feel attacked.
10/10 would make a game again.

Nice concept and well polished (36 shots 3m29.9s)

Really cute and pretty, good progression on the level design (up to where I managed to reach).

But the controls made me quit. Having to control the rover and the camera at the same time is a frustration point not fitting with the nice chill music. Especially when trapped in tight spaces. I found myself all the time expecting to control the wheels with the keys. Reversing is a brain twister.

Also, after finding the booster I realized the rover model front and back are very similar.

Both times I played I quit after finding the happy ball chilling.

Following in case you update, I'd like it to try again!

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This game f*$ked my brain and I liked it.

But now I know there is an ending and this is just straight torture. A hint maybe?

I'm not updating this specific version anymore, but I released a new prototype. Could you try this one instead and check this one works for you?

Another one for the sTream Seas!
In case you still see this on time :)

Mi ratón de plebeyo destrozado y mi recientemente adquirido síndrome de túnel carpiano son un precio bajo a pagar por ser coronado y poder hacer crowdsurfing sobre mis súbditos.

That's a first!
It may take some time for the plants to produce a seed. Are you seeing any seeds coming from the plants? Do the seeds produce new plants?

The game is great, but nothing beats the feeling of finding Jake's computer after all these years looking for it on the countryside.

Yeah, I cannot figure out why but in some combination of computer/browser it gets really bad performance while in others it works quite smoothly.
This is my first game in JavaScript so I there are probably better ways to do the split screen thing.

Thanks for playing

Thanks :)

😂😂😂 "It's a bug in the bug" I meant the game. I have only tried it in Chrome but some friends confirmed it was working well in Safari as well.

About the bug, I was trying to access the world array out of bounds. I was so obsessed about it being related to the clones and multiple realities management, but you hinted me in the right direction... I was trying to access an out of bounds position of the word array.

It's now fixed, using my pathfinding map that I already use for the enemies and now the fire is blocked by obstacles.

Try again next year. 

What I did this year was my last year's idea (stored in my own backlog of ideas). And I'm also fascinated with GoL (and artificial life in general) so it's something that I would like to try out.

I'd start with something really simple. As AquaTsar said just traverse a level to reach an exit while avoiding living cells. I believe that adjusting your movements to the patterns is solid enough for a gameplay foundation.

A lot of things could have gone wrong with this game. Surprisingly I was able to implement playing multiple realities at the same time and was stuck or short of time on other 'simpler' features.

For some crazy reason I decided to make this in raw JavaScript with no libraries, so I'm quite happy with the result and how much I learned about using JS, which I have barely used before to make games.

I don't think this have potential to become a fully fledged game, but I still want to keep working on it for a little bit more. Mainly developing it up to what I originally envisioned as version 1.0 (total of 20 weapons, spells and other items as well as improved UI and dungeon generation). 

You can choose to play the original #7DRL version or an improved one when launching the game in your browser.

I recommend playing the #7DRL + BUG FIX that doesn't adds anything but fixes a couple of game breaking bugs.

If you play let me know how well you did and if you played focusing on one reality or trying to win with in all of them.

For the record, it is possible to win in all of them, at least in the 7DRL version.

This plays great!
A simple foundation expanded by all the cool abilities 👏👏

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I also have browser game and I created a launching screen where you can decide to launch a version with critical bug fixes, the original submitted version (including bugs) or an updated version beyond 7DRL

That's the spirit!

Thanks 😊
I'm still working on it, will make updates in parallel to the official 7DRL version until I reach my original plan (14DRL maybe 😂)

It's a bug in the bug, I will make an update fixing it

Glad you like it!
Thanks for the bug report, I will fix that in an update

Thanks Jupiter!

The graphics and style are cool!

As other said the gameplay is confusing, not knowing when I'm looping or going to a new place (slide). At some point I started thinking in slides instead of being in a maze to be able to progress.

I wasn't sure if the room with the boxes was a good end. At some point I decided I had seen everything and that was the win screen. Overall the communication with the player is poor (and that does not mean adding more text necessarily!)

Then I had a look at the slides inside ppt and found there are some cool puzzles. I tried a bit with the last one playing from that slide. But the motivation was gone and I wasn't sure if I was missing some information to solve it.

The navigation part and the puzzles feel a bit disconnected. The puzzles by themselves with a simpler maze (not reusing images) could have worked really great on me. The atmosphere really fits with these myst-like puzzles and the clues embedded in the graphics (like the carved stones).

hehe, I was playing it and writing feedback when you wrote this :D

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it

It's short indeed, when the jam is over I would like to add a couple of screens and finish the third ending.

I got a few endings and I felt compelled to find the strange deaths awaiting me but I stopped after the animation of the player waking up went from "aw, that's cute" to "wake up faster!" and going outside introduced one more step to wait to load.

The quirky and humorous deaths are very entertaining. Ends I saw are: Sleepy, FBI, Lie, fridge trap, suicidal, binding
(I'm proud that I got an ending where I didn't die :D )


I was able to finish my submission just in time. Made the game in a few hours but I was able to document the creation and I will be posting a video about it soon.

My game is quite simple and very short (just 3 levels/screens). For me, the experience was really fun but a bit stressful because even when making a simple game you want to get the usability details as best as possible and keep changing previously created slides.

In a similar way to bigger projects, when you have finished is when you know how to do it. If I were to it now again I could probably build the slides much faster. But finding how to build it to work is what makes it fun for me. The downside is that the game is quite ugly with unpolished visuals.

What are other things you did right or would do differently?

Share interesting or funny seeds here!

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