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Alejandro Haibi

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This was insanely fun :D 

I love this so much.  What a cool concept!!

This was so cool!  Love the dev comments

Such a neat concept!  Love the role reversal.

Thank you!  When the voting period ends I'll see what I can do to fix that bug.

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bunnyhop strats are king 🔥

SO GOOD.  Feels nice to bounce around and off the walls from enemy to enemy, neat learning curve.

This was incredibly fun!  Absolutely love this one!

This was really cool!!  Figuring out the puzzles was really satisfying.  I dig the art style, too  :D

Cool idea!  That was fun! :D  I like the colors and the pixel art, too.

Dope game!
"Select images with crosswalk" 😭

Dope game!
"Select images with crosswalk" 😭

Lovely Strange Dreams by Alejandro Haibi (

Hi, is it possible to submit my entry still?  I couldn't upload the build in time D:

Hot damn this is really cool! Grinning ear to ear every time I beat a level. :D

Just added some more music to the latest patch :D

I have a few things in the works.  Stay tuned :D

Thanks :D I was inspired by this video from Jonas Tyroller :


Thank you :D

It's super pretty first off, combat is nice but the movement feels a bit off.  Jumping feels unresponsive sometimes while trying to bunnyhop, but those guns feel pretty nice.  I hope this game gets some more updates in the future 👀 Really cool!


Congrats on the launch :D

This put such a smile on my face.  This is so cool.

Absolutely LOVE the aesthetic.

This is insanely cool and fun :D

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Cool game!  I really love the way the water warbles around. 

Mouse sensitivity is insanely high, though.

So pretty! This is so cool O:

Lovely aesthetics, looks so pretty o:

Cool aesthetic.  Neat concept, too.

Trippy.  This is really cool.  :D

This is so cool. 

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-- Glitchy computer screen animations don't work in WebGL
-- Win and Lose screen animations don't work in WebGL version, placeholder images have been put in place
-- Moving platform causes landing sound to play rapidly until the player hops off. It is also a little difficult to jump off of at the moment, these two issues might be related

This is super fun to play!! I'm even more excited for Crumble after playing!