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How is it that Nintendo hasn't taken this down? I'm being serious. Like Nintendo has taken down other games but why is it that your Mario games aren't being taken down? Is it simply that they haven't noticed or do they not care? I would like to know why. Not dissing or anything I'm just curious. Also BTW, that 8-bit Mario shadow is soo cool!

As soon as I saw those side GIFs, I was like "WOW this is like Megaman!" Can't wait to try this.

The default controls suck. WASD isn't for running but rather looking?! Z to jump and V to focus the camera?! The controls aren't the easiest to manage and makes it difficult to play if you don't have a controller. Other than that though, the game looks AMAZING! Like real Nintendo quality. If I wasn't playing this on my PC and I saw someone play this on the Switch or whatever, I'd believe that this is a real Nintendo product. Texturing is amazing as well as the modeling. Water is also really nice and really fits the environment. Audio is superb as well. The game is totally worth the download. But for me, the only real complaint that I have for the game is the default controls, but other than that it's amazing and feels like a finished product even if there are no enemies or actual objectives. 

Hey what game engine are you using and are you interested in a collab?

Pretty cool that you made it into AR and I really LOVE that. The only thing is that the visual aspect isn't too appealing and you didn't follow the theme, which is missing/lost.

It's good only for the fact that it doesn't follow the theme of the jam. This had nothing to do with finding or losing something. 

The physics are bit weird, the jump height is very strange, but the idea is cool. The game is actually pretty good should you be able to conquer the jump. It's a bit difficult but it is really polished. I'd give a it a solid 7/10 mainly because the jumping makes it difficult.

yeah sure. Here's my email.

Im actually just one person. Thanks so much for the feedback. I would be interested in joining. Feel free to email me or something.

This has got to be the weirdest game I've ever played. But it's interesting, never thought fish and guns would even be a thing, but here it is. But aside from that interesting game. Could use more gameplay and a better level design.

Thanks for the video man.

Your welcome, and any feedback that you may have would be fantastic.

Is there not a build folder? If there isn't please tell me so that I may update it and so that you may play it. Thank you for this very important comment.

Have fun and enjoy the game! 

Hello, I'm Alejandro and I enjoy making videogames. I am in the process of creating educational games for my school using Unity. I like calling my studio/work-area Boss Studios and have been working on making more educational games on multiple platforms. I'm not the best but I'm getting there, tutorial after tutorial. 

Updates will be coming soon to improve UI, controls, models, and enemies!