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Muchísimas gracias! De hecho, vamos a continuar con el desarrollo del juego. Yo me encargaba de la mecánica de la pelota, hay un par de bugs que no he tenido tiempo de arreglar, la transición de la cámara entre salas es un poco meh xD Con un poco mas de esfuerzo creo que puede salir un juego bastante chulo :) Desde el equipo estamos muy contentos de como ha salido todo en general.

Muchas gracias! Espero que te haya gustado :)

La verdad es que aun está un poco tosca la bola. He estado mirando que haya los menos bugs posibles, pero es lo que ha salido :) Espero que te haya gustado, seguramente continuemos con el juego ya que nos ha parecido un buen comienzo y queremos darle mas caña!

It’s a game bug. I’m so sorry for your game experience, the development was a complete mess.

It’s a game bug. I’m so sorry but it happened 45min before de deadline and only when we export the game… I still don’t know why.

It’s not your fault at all. I was exporting the game 45min before deadline and the input was working fine inside Unity but with WebGL and Windows is not working at all. I just gave up and I published it like this. I’m so sorry for the first thougths about the game but the development process was a complete mess.

Either way you have an informational line in the game description.

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You can also increase the gravityScale from the rigidbody itself to have less of that moon-like experience.

I notice that you reset the velocity once it hits a wall and this just breaks the game feel and the way that physics works. I don’t actually know if its a line of your code or a really non-bouncy high-friction Physic Material.

I can recomend: increasing the dragSpeed to no more than 20f, increasing the gravityScale up to some point you feel good and natural and, finally: obviosly don’t reset the speed once it hit the wall.

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Recomendation: Use a GameObject with a collider and rigidbody and attach a script with

// On the update method
Vector3 pos = Camera.main.ScreenToWorldPoint(Input.mousePosition);
pos.z = 0;
_rigidbody.velocity = (pos - transform.position) * dragSpeed;

It should work fine

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The only thing you need to know when building a Unity game in WebGL is that in the player settings panel, at the bottom just disable compression.

To work on mobile we used a trick that is the OnMouseDown Event is natively compatible with touchscreen.

Remember adding a Collider2D to your object in order to respond to raycasts.

Thanks for your love!

That’s completely true! Next time we will lower the volume and also add an options panel to set it manually.

What I was referring to is that the global time scale could be larger. The time you spend playing without doing anything but watching tends to get tiresome.

Appreciate!! Much love! Thanks 😊😊

A very fun and challenging game! Nice animations principles and smooth camera shake!

Good job!

Mystic game with a very good art but a lack of challenge.

When you are coming back from grabbing a piece, you lose the sense of movement (you don’t see that you are actually moving). A parallax effect could help.

Music would help in the mood.

Very cute game for the little ones! Excelent executation in mechanics and art.

Fun idea but the rope needs some elasticity. You can clip off the world. Sometimes the game just decide to grab the letter off the screen instead of the one I have at my side.

Curious game but hard to understand. Nice cute graphics.

Fun and interesing game but sometimes frustrating that you cannot stop the player to put the boxes at place.

Fun and interesting idea but needs some “game like” things.

Interesting idea but the drag and drop mechanic is useless.

I would made the bullets follow the player and then the dragndrop mechanic would worked out.

Fun and interesting idea! But needs some learning curve.

Nice game overall. Also the drag ’n drop mechanic need some smoothing.

Very original proposition. It is what it is, a golfing game. Nice execution tho.

Interesting idea but needs some more work time.

Fun but too hard.

The fact that you cannot see the mouse while it’s offscreen is annoying.

Very cute game. A bit confusing that a fisherman looses points with fishing, but was fun after all.

Simple game with some weird physics. The idea was good and fun.

Very beautiful art and music! I loved the mechanics aswell!

Nice game overall. The player moves too slowly sometimes.

Very fun. My friend had a stroke playing it. TY :V

Original idea for the game but you can improve the clarity of the visuals to help to understand how the game works.

Very fun and interesting game overall.

Nice game idea but lack some more work to improve it!

Really simple game. Lack of visuals, audio and game economy and balancing.

With some more time to work on it, you could improve exponentialy.

Good idea but the controls are not so good. The camera rotation does not help either.

Good idea but I’m not sure that this is the best implementation…

The bullets are a bit frustrating at the beggining but at the end you can handle it easily.

Art can be improved, some spikes are clipping with the walls.

Interesting idea. The visuals are OK but the background is too off.

Nice calming music. Love the green blocks mechanic.

What a great game! Nice aesthetics and flawless animations!

The only thing we don’t like is the that the dragon doesn’t smash the bad guys.

Nice experience overall.

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Good game overall but a bit confusing at the first run.

The art is also very good but some drawings are too small.

Audio is great!

Thanks! We tried hard to convine the music with the gameplay. Thanks again!

Thanks for the review!!

The music is from here

Thanks for the review!!