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Marsh Man

a top down platformer that probably had a bad camera

sure! I've added it to the downloads


(great submission, the art and writing is fantasti )

yes I did! the source code will eventually be here -->

I am always drawn to games with a pun in the title. Also, you can never go wrong with a cat game.  The camera was a bit wonky at times which was disorienting, but it added to the overall suspense of the game. I like @Romain.P's idea of adding the ability to move the yarn in any direction... It might help the flow feel even better. Nice job!

The music is a bop! Its like elevator music except better somehow. I also really enjoyed the graphics and game play. I agree with @Maxxy  that everything sped up really fast. It felt like all the sudden sky scrapers were popping up everywhere, which was a bit stressful. However, that panicky "Shoot I gotta do something here" feeling is also what makes the game fun. Nice job!

I had some collision problems with stuff like ladders, but I really liked the take on the theme! No other game I've played so far has had you flip back and forth between roles!

The title of this game made me chuckle. I have a 1 year old son who definitely loves stealing food from his parents lol 

When I try to play the game your "next" button does not go away, making it difficult to navigate and see everything going on.

I could totally see this being a card game! I think the tutorial could have explained things more clearly, but once it clicked it was super fun! Also as others said the overall graphics and music were really polished!

Awesome little puzzle game! The flute music really upped the tension which was cool. The game play is simple but really fun.  Since you kept your scope small you were able to do a lot of interesting  levels, which makes the game feel very polished and well thought-out.

I liked the your take on the theme. The flashing on the lines of text hurt my eyes. Also I think it would be cool if you could see where the "programmers" cursor was, would help strategize where to infect next.

keep going and participating in jams!

Nice game, I really like the aesthetic and the colors you chose. I was a bit confused about what each upgrade does. Maybe having some sort of physical representation of the upgrades would help players understand what is going on?  Keep up the good work!

Fun and polished! One thing I noticed is that the enemies tended to overlap by the main vending machine, maybe it would help if they kept a minimum distance from each other or lined up in one say. Also I think it would help the game feel if there was a smaller particle effect when damaging enemies.

(side note) Its great  so see so much additional polish from the what you posted on discord! you really did a lot

It was hard to know how the 4 sliders would effect the pattern, but it was still fun to mess around and see what I got. The overall polish on this is really high, I was specifically impressed by the timeline (not sure how you did that).

 As others have mentioned, I had no idea what to do or what the goal was. However, I totally think you should keep working on this game because the vibe is great.

Super fun game and good take on the theme! I really liked the screen transition (i'll have to look and see how you did that), and the cute music was a silly as I killed the hero over and over. It was a little frustrating how it seemed like you could get into an unwinnable situation then have to start all over.

tic80 users unite!!

Personally I fond myself a bit flustered trying to figure out what was going on. After a few fails, i eventually figured it out and enjoyed myself. Maybe part of the fun is learning through trial and error?

surprisingly hard for me! It was sometimes confusing which characters were allys vs enemies. Maybe more consistent colors would help (ie green is always ally, red baddy). A cool addition could also be controlling the zombies! maybe to make a defensive wall or focus on one enemy!

lots of places you could take this, which is great!

This is a really  neat little puzzle game! The graphics and music pair really well together and create an immersive atmosphere. I was hooked right away and had a lot of fun playing through the levels. The ramp mechanic was my favorite. You have also set yourself up to easily add more levels in the future if you want to.

the graphics are slightly unhinged, and I think thats great :)

roger that!

(1 edit)

Had my wife update the instructions, hopefully that helps future players..

you definitely should check out TIC-80, I think its pretty neat! I love that it supports lots of scripting languages. while still being cozy

had my wife proofread the instructions, hopefully that helps future players!

I'm going to start describing games as arcane lol. thanks for the comment :)

Just had my wife proofread the instructions, hopefully they're clearer.

I'm glad you liked the visuals + music! I plan on posting the source code somewhere once I get some sleep, maybe other tic80 users would be able to borrow from it in future projects ... there was definitely some tricky math

thank you for the comment!

Digging a little deeper, do you think you were getting too many new ships? Or was is just too easy to keep the existing ones on the track?

I like the idea of being able to knock the king away using your dice

I liked how the "phase of play" shifted between running away and hunting out the matching die

once you get the auto-rollers this really turns into a great idle game. I had a lot of fun planning out my rows of 6's to get the most likely triple payout. I could see these getting exponentially more complex with just a couple new die types! 

the polish of the SFX and graphics is spot o, love the rolling sound and the little dice wiggle. well done!

What I love about this game is that it really fits the theme, while also not being all luck. There's some really skill and finesse needed to flip the dice just right... which I dont have haha. I wasn't able to get a 3 dice meal correct, but I still had fun!

very relaxing!

really captured the pure joy of rolling dice

Great style, loved the little things like how the plants/trees moved out of the way. Wasn't able to defeat the final boss, but I was also playing on a trackpad. Also the music is really good!

Took me a minute to figure out the rules. Im impressed with the strategy that comes from the simple commands, plus you have an AI!

I like the idea of the dice being both obstacles and the "bad guys"

strong puzzles and polish set this one apart!

my strategy quickly became finding the dice type that would re-roll the max number of dice, since its really an odds game to get matches. Still getting that chain of multiple matches felt really good!

Super unique take on the theme! Not sure if it was a bug or if I just was missing something, but I never collected any coins. Graphics were polished, and it was fun learning what each power up did

Really like the idea of having different requirements to re-roll the dice. Wish the camera has some easing to smooth it out, and the UI text was a little hard to read. I loved the art though!

You have a great art style and aesthetic! As others have said it would have been nice to have some checkmarks, but other then that the game was fun and super polished!