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thanks for the advice :) I'll think about it when I'll build the game.

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the look will be similar, I'm not thinking about changing so much ;) 

0.2.2 is here, new options to enable/disable motion blur and depth of field.

I hope you'll enjoy the game!

Ok, nice advice, I'll add the options to disable distant and motion blur... hope to upload 0.2.2 tomorrow ;)

you mean the distant blur or the motion blur when the car is moving?

I hope I understand the problem you reported, I just uploaded a new version ... let me know if it's okay now :) otherwise send me a screenshot;)
Thank you.


iI would like to work more on Draiva But you know, "real" work... :)

thanks for the feedback... Maybe it's too much :)

Glad to hear it! let me know if you enjoy the game :) 

Draiva is an old style car driving game with procedurally generated tracks.

More info and download links here

0.2 is here, reading the instructions in your link now it should be WinXP compatible.

Let me know! :)

you said Valentine's Day and here we are... ;) 0.2 is ready to download!


Thanks for the comment and for the video... next version will be out in a week or so and it will also solve some controls problems (right now is a little too hard to play).
I hope you'll continue to enjoy the game in the future :)

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in the next version I’ll enable opengl for windows builds... I hope to release 0.2 in a week.

Thanks for the comment! 😉

Thank you, I'll keep updating the game as I can! :)

I hope to have the time to polish, to add more options and to solve some stupid issues (like the bigfoot grip).
I hear you was talking about tracks in the video: tracks are procedurally generated, you can save tracks writing the code number on a paper :D
Welcome to 1988! :P

Thank you for the review!!! :-)

Draiva is an old style car driving game with random shareable (by code key for now) tracks.