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Great game, it had a nice concept and lovely graphics. It was very fun to play, I would suggest adding a different shortcut for the upgrade selection though!

Is it too late to join as a sound designer?

I've sent you a friend request

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I'm a sound artist, I could be down to help

Okay, thanks!

Mini Jam 96: Fate community · Created a new topic Theme

If I don't include the theme in my game, will it affect the votes?

Great game, I loved the pixel art and the movement felt very smooth! The idea was very unique as well, and as this was made in 3 hours I think is great! Except, when I try to jump on any platform I just hit the floor?  


I'm open :)

Fishing like a Fish community · Created a new topic Nice,

A very fun game to play :D

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Dodo Delivery Service was a blast to play! Fantastic music and pixel art, with a really interesting idea :D

The game had a really nice concept. Putting fish inside a UFO was a really interesting way to fit the limitation into the game. The pixel art was fabulous especially since it was created in only three days. And the overall product, was really fun. Definitely deserves a win :D

Woow! Really cool idea :D

omg! ur a genius, thank youuuuuuu! :D

I had planned on making a space platformer, pretty basic, but I was going to spice it up with some survival mechanics. Then at 3:00 PM (AEST), the fish came. I was HEARTBROKEN 💔


yup :D

great, so i think that helps AikertDEV with his question 🙂

of course, that as well :D

Thank you :D

The prize is your game and the satisfaction you get when you complete it :)

Thank you Mr Poxl!

nice job :)

I love this game! A very interesting concept as well :D

Wow! I love it, amazing game, creative and unique!

Amazing game, I love the pixel art and spinning movement! Very unique and excellent! :D

I love this game a simple platformer, that's really peaceful! A creative game considering that many other people made games that would scare you! Amazing work :)

2:00 pm in my time zone. Yayy!

You can, I'm doing all my game jams with a team, because you can get things done faster and learn more! 👍

Good luck to you as well, I can't wait for it to start :D

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So, we have to make a game with background music that changes when different events happen?

Doctor, I’m afraid you’ve been miniaturized. You’ll have to cure your patient from the inside by destroying the germs and saving the good blood platelets.

Blood cells = FRIENDS


Play Germ Doctor for free!

Thats fine :)

Sure, discord server link: