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wish i could make a custom 3d model instead TvT

no problem, id say it's a compliment if your intention was to create an eerie like game xd

sameee at last i have found another like me lolol 

do you happen to have any stories to recommend with that content? 

replaying this even years later..... we need more android ai themed visual novels like this 

i just so wished there was a DLC, maybe some epilogue/bonus story with romanced Silas...

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ohh I see, thank you for clearing that up!! I will look forward to the full game!!^^

lowkey a bit disappointed you cant tho xd

I don't know if this is a bug or if it's intentional but when I choose who to reach out to, I chose Sam but it tells me if I want to start Imani's route instead?

Damn it I wanted to know Kaito's true name 😭😭

I need a sequel- I need valentine day with Kaito T__T

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I like what I'm reading so far but, I feel that the writing. could be improved... I feel that some parts are worded a bit awkwardly but I'm not that good or proficient at grammar/English so maybe it could just be me lol. 

Also, I don't know if I missed anything but I believe that Damin had not personally introduced themselves yet or that we knew of their name anywhere before meeting them, but the text just casually mentions their name as if we already knew their name? 

Nevertheless I hope you don't take any offense to my comment, it's not my intentions to .. I really like what you have going here and I'm looking forward to the final product :)

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Ok this gotta be one of my fav otome games, the closeness and bond you get to share with Ran throughout the story and the fact that you could choose pretty much anything without the fear of meeting a bad ending... However, there are some things I wish could've been better such as how rushed some parts feels, especially the ending. The love part felt kinda rushed aswell, I felt like we could've used more time before Ran/MC made the first "move".... It just didn't feel right to me when we hadn't really gotten forward the "all humans are the same" phase and the lack of reasons for Ran to actually already develop feelings this far before essentially making out

But otherwise, I really enjoyed this game and could think of myself replaying it sometime again^^

I  would recommend making a setting for text speed or making it so first click does not result in the dialogue to go to the next even though it's not finished yet.... because it's kinda slow? Maybe I'm just a fast reader but I find myself getting impatient with the current speed of the dialogue and it would be better if we could somehow adjust the speed or  just make it so it doesnt automatically continue to the next dialogue through a click when it hasnt finished writing out yet

gotta need a guide on the emo boy... like was that it? Did he get too flustereted to order? T__T

this looks really interesting i alrdy how my eyes on one guy , how much/long is the word count for the demo if i may ask? like how long does it go story wise? are there routes? 

I am so playing this 👀👀

well, you can play as a guy and the ROs are open no matter your pronouns, so yes?? lol

Ohh I see, in that case I will look forward to the patch, want to read his interlude so badly rn lol 

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Just played through ch 6, thank you guys for you work, I look forward to the future eps!!<3T_T

I'm a bit sad there were no special little interlude for Vex like in the other routes... it's understandable because of the state he's in but it just sucks at the same time because it made the ep a bit shorter in return 

man this really... this really made me confused, lost and disturbed at the same time

Can't play, i get an error at the start trying to proceed

Error: Uncaught RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded (see JavaScript console for details)

This is a known issue in Safari and Webkit browsers. Please report this issue to Apple. "

damn theyre not? that's kinda disappointing....

Bengan kinda gives me some Extraordinary You (kdrama) vibes lol 

a character who became aware that theyre a fictional character and can see everything from the background/BTS. With the way Bengan is described, I think he can see and remember MC's every moves... including us, the person behind the screen. With the way he talks about wanting to be with us but not being able to seems like he's probably had some previous experience... urgh I wish this wasnt just an april fools, his character couldve been further explored T_T

yo i felt the same, my first thought when I saw Bengan was like "he reminds me so much of Eren from AoT..." lol

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SPOILER if you havent tried yet, if you replay the game again or/and even use the name he calls you, he welcomes you back and it changes the last scene by a bit if using the name... he's aware

(yes a lot of edits because im trying to find ways of putting this more hidden but that didnt work out... hope the spoiler warnings are enough lol)

This, I really hope they will make a continuation... especially for Bengan, we cant just leave him like this, right? T_T

karate chop one of the staff members too xd

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that was hell of an experience, i didnt expect this to be that long for being a game made for a Jam but im not complaining, came here for Joyce and stayed here for Joyce xd

the only thing i wish could be better were more bonding scenes for Joyce. I mean, i saw there were a lot more opportunities you could spend with Phoenix just casually talking, hanging out and having fun but for Joyce, even though we are with them more than Phoenix, we never really have that much opportunities to just have fun, closer bonding moments or some noteworthy moments (you know besides them giving pep talks and life advices)? After entering a relationship with them, it would've been nice if we had at least 1 romantic/bonding scene with interaction before the ending or as the epilogue. Like idk, I haven't tried to pursue Phoenix yet so I don't know how they are in comparison. For my first gameplay i tried to just focus on Joyce (such as not hanging out with Phoenix given the opportunity) and also keeping in mind of my other problems (working and drawing) but it felt like majority of my moments with them was just about the art competition. I don't know if staying home from work or not focusing on drawing so much wouldve given some more bonding scenes with Joyce but yeah... I just didn't feel as close to Joyce as Joyce felt about MC when they confessed. I also wish we could've heard a "I love you" from Joyce too T_T. Anyway, this won't be my last gameplay tho :')

This game made me want to get back to drawing aswell, I haven't drawn digitally for a while but I feel like drawing something... I'd love to draw something of Joy or/and Phoenix >-<

np and just finished Chitose's route, i love the concept and the quality of this game is nice! I hope you guys will expand this series/game in the future, I want to see more of the characters and the world :)

Btw i noticed the characters had voice actors? Were there voice lines in the game? cause i couldnt hear anything throughout my whole gameplay, i dont know if i had my voice settings too low or anything but...

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is it intended for the mc to say theyve left the card where it is to chitose when he found out he was missing his card even though i picked take the card previously?

romance an alien boy? im sold, i need to play now

perhaps try Adobe Photoshop Mix but if you have a "lower end" android, it wont be avaliable... you can also try Clip Studio Paint for mobile but it may not work either

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hope i dont come off as very nitpicky and excuse me if im wrong but i believe this is not a visual novel? it is a interactive story/fiction but there is nothing visual, there are no images and such that would make it a visual novel

Besides that, here are some feedbacks/comments from me

(some writting errors)

"That's it? That's your name? You're not on Earth anymore, you know you can think of something better if you want, right?! Whatever, it's fine. Let's go (name), we've got a big job to do!"

"So how was (or is/how's? I'm so bad at present and past tenses lol) Trixie, did she scare you?" they laugh,


Nice job on finishing your first game! The story is nice for a first timer but i am kinda disappointed over how short it is. I wish you could get to know the characters and explore the world more. i feel it ended quite rushed and abruptly, for me a good short story would leave me with some type of emotion/feeling or/and attachment but this is pretty simple. Not much to say... it's like "oh, so that just happened". I didnt get enough time to immerse myself into the story and the world before studdenly finding myself in some type of battle raid for an artifact?? The characters definitely had potentials, i really found Zeta an interesting character but you never got to know them better and appeared whenever as if they were just a minor character. I like the light and small comedic parts of the story and i didnt expect that twist in the end. The game/story has lots of potentials but for now, it is a bit lacking in my opinion. Though it is your first game afterall and i applaud you for finishing your first game!

I hope this doesnt discourage you or offends you, rather i hope it could be useful...? I've offended people in the past for my 'feedbacks'/criticisms so i usually kinda avoid giving feedbacks altogether but since you mentioned that you were fine with that, i hope it wasnt too harsh;;

know the game and have watched gameplays but dont really know the what main plot is about but... ive always thought Leon is attractive and therefor im gonna play this just for him and because i got nothing better to do :') 

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i love Cove so much (+he looks so good in messy longish hair)... i feel so sad nearing the end of the game T.T

i love the amount of choices you get to choose from without worrying if it's wrong or right, i need more visual novels like this...

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im excited, i thought this game was dropped... your games are nostalgic to me since i remember playing them back then and really liking all them when i discovered the world of visual novels and otome games so im happy its finally getting it's full release...!

hello, I'm wondering if you still need an artist for character sprites? I will offer my service for free since I want to take this as an opportunity to improve myself on drawing human/humanoid sprites ^^