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that was hell of an experience, i didnt expect this to be that long for being a game made for a Jam but im not complaining, came here for Joyce and stayed here for Joyce xd

the only thing i wish could be better were more bonding scenes for Joyce. I mean, i saw there were a lot more opportunities you could spend with Phoenix just casually talking, hanging out and having fun but for Joyce, even though we are with them more than Phoenix, we never really have that much opportunities to just have fun, closer bonding moments or some noteworthy moments (you know besides them giving pep talks and life advices)? After entering a relationship with them, it would've been nice if we had at least 1 romantic/bonding scene with interaction before the ending or as the epilogue. Like idk, I haven't tried to pursue Phoenix yet so I don't know how they are in comparison. For my first gameplay i tried to just focus on Joyce (such as not hanging out with Phoenix given the opportunity) and also keeping in mind of my other problems (working and drawing) but it felt like majority of my moments with them was just about the art competition. I don't know if staying home from work or not focusing on drawing so much wouldve given some more bonding scenes with Joyce but yeah... I just didn't feel as close to Joyce as Joyce felt about MC when they confessed. I also wish we could've heard a "I love you" from Joyce too T_T. Anyway, this won't be my last gameplay tho :')

This game made me want to get back to drawing aswell, I haven't drawn digitally for a while but I feel like drawing something... I'd love to draw something of Joy or/and Phoenix >-<