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Alex Rosetti

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Heyyyy nice job! Thanks for playing!

Really incredible. This feels so polished for such a short dev time. I'd love to play more of this game if you ever make more, the mechanics are very satisfying and have a surprising amount of depth. Great job!

Oh my gosh, thank you so much for the video! It was awesome to see someone play it! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

Sadly I ran out of time before I could think of anything cool to do with the sheep. Thanks so much!

By far my favorite game in the jam so far. It was a perfect mix of fun, frustration, and comedy. You had me laughing a lot. Amazing job!

1) This was hilarious and fun!

2) I played this in front of my pet parrots and they were going crazy! Bonus!

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Haha, I'm so glad someone appreciated that sandwich! Thank you!

Ahhhh thank you! Also that's super unfortunate for the PS4 controller. I'm working on custom controls so in the future you'll be able to map the buttons as you need. Sorry it's like that for now.

Hi, thanks so much for playing and offering your critique! It's funny, I went through so many iterations of how the plover would switch directions. I originally just had it switch directions based on the direction you're facing and go through tiles, but I kept having issues with the player getting stuck in the ground. I can't believe I didn't think of something as simple as a button press! But that's why it's so useful to have people play it. :) Thanks again!

hey thanks so much for the feedback! super glad you liked it! yeah, if I could go back and polish it more I'd totally work on the movement. ah well!