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I could try to do so later 😄

Thank you for the feedback, because of the jam having a limited time i was not able to export a mobile version.

Thank You for the feedback, Maybe later i could change the switching to e and q

Thank you for the feedback, Maybe later I could implement some fettures which makes it more conneted

Thank you for the feedback, I noticed that bug too but I did not have enough time to fix it.

Thank you for your suggestion... After Jam I will try to implement that! :)

I would recommend using unity and to really spread out your work.

What do you think the jam theme will be?


I am more of a 2d artist but 3d modelling i am ok at

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Amazing! I am at 109.200 trillion clicks!

Wait this is not your game either! Dude are you just downloading other people game and posting them as you own?

Isnt this also Dani's Game?

Uh isn't this Dani's Game?

I do not know anyone named chess,  could you tell me if we see each other In class. Also could you tell me what is your real name. I will probably figure you out

Thanks for the Amazing feedback .  The only reason you could not move was that the movement was counteracting with the shooting. Definitely I will get it Updated and work on it

Dani are you joining the Brackey's Game Jam 2020.2?

Wow that was really cool

this will be a cool game to make a vid about

yeah Unity is way easier and the code for Unity is C# and trust me C# is easy because I am 11 years old and I find it easy so think how easy it will be!

I am 11 year old and my expectations are not very high

Hey man I am sorry but I watched a video and I thought about what It said and I decided I will be doing this jam solo.... I am sorry to disappoint..

can we meet now?

the link

I am good with modeling  mean that could work


right now it is 4pm

I will share it to you guys at 7/22/2020 (tomorrow) at 2 o'clock in the afternoon

I know it but I think 2d would be easier what do you say

BTW: we should make a Google meet where we can join

replie your emails and I will invite you guys to the Meeting

Also I have 6 months of Experience Unity

Hello I am 11 year old and this is my 4th game jam but I need a programmer for the jam. I will be using Unity Engine to make my game

To work I can use Unity Collab but dont have discord or anything like that

I am great with Pixel art! and can create a passable track with sound effects

but I am 11 year old so I dont have discord

My goal... for Brackeys to at-least play my game


That would be amazing! I will be using Unity! thank you

I am using Unity's free edition and I have collabed with some of them....

if you want I can make a video on that and share it!

or... we can do Google meet where I can give you a meeting code and you can join from there!

no...... that is because i am 11 years old and don't have discord...

Whatever you think!

Sorry I need a programmer if you know any please inform

I am 11 years old! we should team up!

I have about 6 months of experience in Unity and have done 3 jams so far. See if you want to team up

because I am a kid my parents will not let me have social media but we can use unity collab!