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The base game has actually just been rereleased for free!

Probably coming with the full game!

Late this year!


You get it on Steam in the Dread X Collection 2!

You get it on Steam in the Dread X Collection 2!


Yes, at the moment Sucker for Love is only available in the Dread X Collection 2!


Thank you for the bug report!

I checked out the code, and couldn't find any problems on my end -- especially since no one else has ever gotten this bug before!  I looked up the bug online and apparently this is a rare bug engine/compiler bug with GameMaker Studio itself, and actually has nothing to do with my game's code, so there's nothing I can myself patch out -- however, there may be ways to remedy this: 

-A fresh install of DXC2 might uncorrupt the game file and allow it to be played normally 

-Trying to play on a different computer/account may also be a workaround (since nobody else has gotten this bug).  I have a key handy if this is the route you want to go! 

-If all else fails, I have a pre-release build that I can get to you if you email me at  Whatever weird voodoo jinx is preventing your game from working normally probably isn't in previous builds


I just announced it on my twitter!

Dread XP, as far as I know, is interested in making more titles for this IP! So it’s possible!

it’s in active development!

DreadXP might bring the Dread X Collection 2 to like they did for the first one in the future!

Fair enough!

There won’t be a stand-alone version because I technically don’t own the game— the collection does.  

If you don’t want to miss out on seeing what happens, but aren’t interested in buying  the other 11 games you can always watch a playthrough! There’s an excellent one by Jesse Cox here:

Nice to meet you too!

And thanks!!


It is implied through ending CGs and some dialog that the main character is male, but they're referred to only as "(Me)" and "Darling" throughout, and most of the dialogue is neutral.

The full game isn't out yet!

And if you're getting the "No game found" error on any of the downloads for Mac, you have to move the file into a different folder.  If it's in your downloads folder, move it to desktop.  If it's in desktop, put in in applications, etc.  Just anywhere besides where it is

Hey! Thanks for the reviews! I'm glad you're enjoying it so far! 

To address your cons:

1. Yep, that's been addressed in recent beta builds I believe.  Thanks for the report! 

2. Any repetition is just in the interest of making sure nobody gets left behind or confused by the story!  Especially since sometimes people put the game down then come back to it-- I'd hate for them to be lost! 

3. It's a little tricky!  Generally speaking, you win by playing as many right-side-up cards as possible as quickly as possible, and all the tips you need are in the tutorials, which should be read carefully (and conveniently can be re-accessed via the pause menu!)  Alternatively, there is also the 'Rebalanced' difficulty that makes combat a little easier!   I am thinking about putting in some animated examples in the future to be a little more clear, though the updated demo that I brought to conventions has been pretty effective at being less confusing haha

Thanks for the playthrough too!  Will have to check it out sometime



Sure will!  Our steam page is actually already up, if you wishlist it, you should get a notification when it releases!

Yes, the game is still in active development!


The full version is going to be $15, though the 2-3hr demo will remain free!


That bug is caused by running out of memory— closing any memory-hungry programs you may have open (like google chrome) will reduce the chance of this happening.



I am! Glad you like the art— I usually post to @ChromatoseDev 

Thanks for the report! 

The linux version has been giving me trouble while compiling, should have a solution with the next update

I did when I uploaded the new version after the fix — 2.1.72 is the version number of the working build, will double check when I get home from PAX

Alright, I've reuploaded and tested a new build.  As long as you move it out of whatever folder you download it to, you should be able to play it now

Working on it now, should be up and running in a few days

Interesting, I just checked it myself. 

Apple recently added another step to publishing non-appstore games for MacOS that retroactively broke previously working versions of games.  I'll take down the broken version for now, and I'll try to get a working version back online.  

Thank you for your report! 


What is the error message that you get when you try to open it?

Hey! Thanks for the bug report, that’s a really rare glitch that can pop up, working on trying to replicate it so it can be patched out. But as you said, closing and reopening the game always fixes the problem 

Thanks again for your help

Will check it out, thanks!

No problem!  Glad Linux users have a chance to play now.  

And thank you for sharing to reddit and Mastadon, I appreciate the plug.

Hello again!  

I just finished porting CHROMATOSE to Linux, so feel free to playtest!  I could use any bug reports you come across since I can't playtest the port myself --  I'm running it on a virtual machine so I'm getting speeds of .02FPS and can't test the whole thing.  

Cheers ^^ 

It's no bother! 
And oh you have a new computer? How strange.  No idea why the game is having problem with RAM then, but the thing I know for sure is that your computer can't handle prefetch scripts (The difference between the Steam and itch versions is when the prefect scripts are first used, at the hospital loading screen for itch, at the first battle for steam, exactly where you said your game crashed)  so I removed prefetch scripts from your version.  When I mean slow, I mean that when a big animation appears for the first time, your game might stutter a little bit, but then it'll go back to normal (this will usually only happen the first time you see things like "Space to enter door" or for battle animations.  Beyond that you shouldn't see any difference)   

Alright, thanks for the info, I know exactly what the problem is thanks to your in-depth  report -- 

Your game is crashing wherever it hits a prefetch script -- whenever the game adds animations/textures to your computer's memory, and it's doing this because I suspect your computer does not have enough memory to run these prefetch scripts.  So there's a few options available: 

  • Try playing the game on a different computer (if possible) 
  • I've made you a special build of the game that doesn't use any prefetch scripts, so the game will load assets as it arrives at them.  This will cause the game to run slower whenever an animation appears for the first time per session, but it shouldn't outright crash anymore:
  • If all else fails, there is a fantastic stream of the whole demo so you don't have to miss out while I work on making the demo more accessible:

Cheers ^^


Thanks for the error report.  Can you copy paste the error message for me? If I can get the exact text it'll help me figure out what the problem is. ^^  

Dang, sorry to hear that.  There's tons of art/animations in the game so it can be a little rigorous on slower computers sometimes.  

I'll work on getting the game a little more optimized for slower computers -- there is however a FANTASTIC stream of the whole demo so you don't have to miss out in the meantime:

Cheers ^^

Sure, I can actually build a Linux version whenever— I just don’t have anything running on Linux so I wouldn’t be able to playtest atm afaik.  But sure, I’ll try to get around to that ^^


Did you move the game folder out of the downloads folder?  If you put it anywhere else it should run ^^