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Alright, I've reuploaded and tested a new build.  As long as you move it out of whatever folder you download it to, you should be able to play it now

i tried to do it again like you said but it has the same results and not work

did you remove the file?

I did when I uploaded the new version after the fix — 2.1.72 is the version number of the working build, will double check when I get home from PAX

so i tried to download the full game version but i couldn't do that on my mac because there was no file attached.

The full game isn't out yet!

And if you're getting the "No game found" error on any of the downloads for Mac, you have to move the file into a different folder.  If it's in your downloads folder, move it to desktop.  If it's in desktop, put in in applications, etc.  Just anywhere besides where it is

when is the full game going to be officially out?