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honestly im jealous of the technology that the characters have... also when you really release your game and not just a demo, please make it free? thank you!

i think (im not sure) maybe her family was killed when she was a little girl?

when is the full game going to be officially out?

thank you very much! I will try!

so i tried to download the full game version but i couldn't do that on my mac because there was no file attached.

i tried to download on the website but i can not download it because it said " can not be verified by developer"

I tried to download this game again and again but it keeps saying "this title is hosted on an incompatible third party website". What should I do?

i love this game but if only the opponent doesn't play the same cards over and over again. I also wish that there could be different opponents that I can play with. I don't mean like real people.

it is driving me crazy because I can't play this on Mac...

i cant play this game on mac

quick question.. did you delete the files for mac? i cant find it

did you remove the file?

It keeps saying open page instead of download

i tried to do it again like you said but it has the same results and not work

yes i have for many times

i have tried many times but the results are the same

i tried again for a couple of times but results are the same

i played it on my mac though

what is that

i cant download the link you sent me. it said virus scan warning.

I can not install this. It said error

The key board is hard to control.

Yes. Exactly what I did

is this just a demo? it is so short..

do you know when I can get the Mac version? Also I am looking forward to this 

thank you

I am not sure how to explain it since it only pop up that. I tried to reinstall it a couple of times but it still pop up the same thing.

I wish I could play this in my Mac

i wish i can play this on mac

this game is very good but it made me sad. I kinda expected the ending since in the beginning I thought I saw horse shoes. Which I remembered back that she also was a pro in horse riding.

Can I just point this out there? (btw I got it worked. I reinstalled the game.)

Can I point this out?

I LOVE ZERO. He is just mood haha

I think the game glitched on me. I am on the discussion with everyone. The same conversations keep repeating itself, "Echo, I believe you have heard.." and after the character is done, every character just repeats themselves again and again.

Were you trying to make this game like mafia game and werewolf game? It is like a group of people were locked in one room/ house and two of the people need to kill other people and not get found out. Each person in the group has a role like your game?

can this be on Mac?

Please make this a mac version 

I have a MacBook Air 

thank you

if only I could play this in Mac

Thank you!