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Sure, I can actually build a Linux version whenever— I just don’t have anything running on Linux so I wouldn’t be able to playtest atm afaik.  But sure, I’ll try to get around to that ^^

Thank you for the effort ! If you can get the Linux version made i'll spread the word to try to get people trying it to test it. Hopefully get some backers out of it.


Hello again!  

I just finished porting CHROMATOSE to Linux, so feel free to playtest!  I could use any bug reports you come across since I can't playtest the port myself --  I'm running it on a virtual machine so I'm getting speeds of .02FPS and can't test the whole thing.  

Cheers ^^ 

I gave the Linux demo a try and had no issues myself in about an hour or play. I shared the campaign on Reddit and Mastodon so hopefully it helps in the next 12 days. Thank you for the effort regardless.

No problem!  Glad Linux users have a chance to play now.  

And thank you for sharing to reddit and Mastadon, I appreciate the plug.