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Hi, I am unsure if you have followed the thread however this is an updated build now that fixes a crash on start. If you are still interested, you may want to give the 1.1.7 build a try. 

There should be a new build available that fixes the issue. All the systems I have are apparently much more lenient about shaders so I didn't spot the issue. I did upload an updated logged build in case something is still wrong, but hopefully that is not the case (it is less aggressive in its logging too).

Ok, there should be a new build available named 'Walking Tourist x64 Logged'

It will generate a file named <number>.log  when run (<number> will change every time it is run). Its contents won't be terribly useful to you, but may help me pinpoint what is failing. You can either post the last handful of lines in the file here, or email the whole file to 

Also it will run super slow so it may take longer to hit the crash. E.g. it normally starts instantly, but now takes a good 5 - 10 seconds to hit the splash screen for me. There is also a slim, but unlikely chance I fixed the issue (this build includes an engine update; however no fixes should be related to the issue you are seeing).

Hmm, I haven't been able to think of anything that could be the culprit. I could potentially create a special build for you that generates a log and maybe that would give some insight. It will take a few days to get it ready (my time is very short right now), and I totally understand if you aren't interested or can't (I don't like having a player essentially debugging for me)

Have you tried running it from windows explorer?
Windows 10 will block unsigned executables that are downloaded from the internet. From command line it does nothing, but from windows explorer it will give you a prompt (which if you ask for more info will have a Run anyway).

Hmm. This appears to be something specific w/ the file on When I try the zip that I uploaded it runs fine, but when I download the zip from and try it gets that problem you describe. This is very unusual, but I'll see if I can sort it out for you. 

Not a problem bumping it. It shouldn't matter how you downloaded it. Did you run the oalinst.exe file included in the zip?

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I am deeply sorry about the the delay. I did not notice when your message first came through. 

I am uncertain why might not be starting for you. Assuming you have the right build for your system (x64 is if you are using 64bit windows), ran oalinst.exe (it is in the zip file alongside game.exe) and didn't accidentally delete/or move the files relative to game.exe it should be fine.  I haven't not tested it on a huge variety of systems though, so it is possible there is something I didn't consider.

Are you executing it from a command prompt? If you are not you may want to try that and see if it indicates what is wrong (either obvious to you, or something you can share that might clue me in to what is wrong).

There we go should be available now.

I uploaded a new build (1.1.6) that includes the OpenAL redistributable. You'll have to run the 'oalinst.exe' file in the zip and then it should start fine. Sorry about!

Sorry about that, I think I know what is up and should have a fixed build available in a few hours.

I don't seem to have an APK on hand right now, but I can do a build this evening and put it up once it checks out.

Well, I don't have any specific strategies or methods. I could say 'make more games', but as you noted that isn't very specific. The thing is though, like anything else it is practice which allows you to improve. Although practice isn't all of it, you also need feedback so you can adjust.

One of the first minigames I did professionally involved a lot of back & forth with an artist, a designer, and just getting feedback from other co-workers. I paid attention to what worked, what didn't and, most importantly, what worked better/worse after I changed it. A few years later I did a game that was basically a collection of mini-games that let me practice what I knew in a small area. Although I am a long way from the skill of some of the designers I know, it has allowed me to understand and design better than I could before (I can identify reasons why something might work, and I can pull from solutions to design problems because now I have a basis).

As a programmer I have improved from writing code for a wide variety of problems, and from working with others who were very good programmers and had interests divergent from my own. To give a specific example of that, my understanding of c++ templates. I worked with another programmer who was very good at what he did, and we be described as one of the folks with the standard. From that I had plenty of opportunities to not only ask him questions, but to pull apart complicated template code and understand how it works. I went from a minimal understanding of c++ templates (I could create a data structure) to a strong grasp (I have a strong understanding of SFINAE and do some pretty neato tricks).

To a much, much lesser extent another influencer is playing a variety of games with a dev eye. I had a game that stalled, however some time later I played a game that, although very different from mine, the way the avatar moved actually solved the biggest problem I had had. If I were to ever revive the project, I now know how I can solve that issue.

So ya, I don't have any specific strategies. Just practice and get feedback.