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OpenAL32.dll missing

A topic by RadicalLynx created Jun 16, 2020 Views: 212 Replies: 6
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I can't run the game, and the error message says OpenAL32.dll couldn't be found.


Sorry about that, I think I know what is up and should have a fixed build available in a few hours.


I uploaded a new build (1.1.6) that includes the OpenAL redistributable. You'll have to run the 'oalinst.exe' file in the zip and then it should start fine. Sorry about!


No worries, thanks for the quick fix and for supporting the bundle for racial justice :)

Hey sorry to bump this thread but i'm having the same issue now, tried reinstalling the game and it's still poping up about the missing openAL. I downloaded it through the app not the website - do you think that might be causing the issue?


Not a problem bumping it. It shouldn't matter how you downloaded it. Did you run the oalinst.exe file included in the zip?

I had similar issue but solved it myself searching online. Sometimes, Updating Windows and graphics drivers can solve the issue. I downloaded the missing DLL from this site: My problem was solved this way replacing this DLL file with the older one from the game's installation folder. I think you would have no problem this way. I am aware that developer has solved this issue. But, if someone has similar one, then they might be benefitted from this.