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Sorry for the belated reply... That's really cool. I've never seen someone else my age this involved in making VR games before you. I hope you keep it up. I did get a chance to check out your app! I loved it. Dude thanks.

Submit after before the deadline.

Yes its kind of a joke. Since all of these games are free.


Sure as long as your project is still in VR! 

Have fun, you guys!

My name is Avery Wagar, I am a 13 year old game developer who has been making games for the last year and a half or so. I enjoy developing for VR and mainly use Unity (and Vim).  If you use twitter you should follow me here! I like to colaberate so dm me if you want to start a project together.

I just published my first game on its called StarVR. I has taken the last 3 months of my life and I have spendt over 90+ hours on it as a solo developer. I have a demo, and if you like it you can "pay what you want" for the full version. You can find that here!

See you around! - Avery

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Hey, guys and gals!

We have recently released our first app to the marketplace.


(StarVR started as an Engineering fair project and is still maintained and developed by the two 13 years olds who started the project.  All funds go to help further development.)

StarVR is an astronomy simulator for the HTC Vive, view planets, moons, constellations, and more in StarVR!  A cheap alternative to indoor astronomy. View over 119,613 stars, satellites, or the whole Solar System at once! With an easy to use UI and detailed graphics, you can learn about astronomy in ways never before possible.

StarVR costs $3 but a demo is available to try it out. 

Since StarVR is built for education, if you are looking to buy a license or two for a school or education organization let me know and I can arrange a discount or a free copy.

  • Won 1st place at Catherine Blaine K-8 Science and Engineering Fair.
  • Won Best Overall Engineering Project at the Seattle Public Schools Science and Engineering Fair.

I hope you enjoy StarVR as much as I have enjoyed its development.

Mars in StarVR (Button has been removed)

Saturn in StarVR