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try the .nix.rar download

Thanks, I appreciate the feedback - I'm glad you enjoyed the sandbox mode, I had a few different modes. I am working on a new game at the moment with a muuuuuch bigger scope with lots of toggles and tweaks to make it how you want.

Glad the restart fixed your game, I think this may occur if you have so much AI in the game, the code wasn't the best at handling this.

I made it I hope im done.

Works really well and quite fun. Nice work.

it plays quite well, i cant find the mute button tho - the gui's are great and adding a few more buttons to go straight to stock screen from portfolio would be good.

Quite fun, when it's updated i'll play again :)

Heya, I'm re-adding the pre-alpha very soon, you should get notified when this happens! Thanks!

Eyy thanks buddy, i'll make sure to drop a message as soon as I have something ready!

Hm, i'm not seeing anything for it - i'll reach out to support, thanks I didn't know that was possible!

Hiya guys,

I have this blog post, and it's lengthy as a lengthy thing. The width of the page really makes it too small for my own liking (mostly likely due to high resolution) and I'm wondering if its possible to change it?

Any ideas?

Thanks, Jam.

Hm, maybe this needs balancing, you could try adding more snack machines and chairs - if there is no ATM they usually head to a chair, then head home (which affects unhappiness less)

Nice video bro!!! Very good editting too very funny haha

Hiya Jeremy, sorry for the late reply I was working on performance after reading this and never came back to you. So what I'm interested in is your pc spec, could you possibly provide it?

Hiya, just bought the asset. Could you please add a license to this page or to the package, just a one liner covering commercial use please! :)


I'm proud to announce today the pre-launch of arcade builder, a game written from scratch in JavaScript.

The game lets you build your own arcade from the ground up and deal with customers needs and research!

Thanks! Jammy!