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it's amazing! At first, I was attracted to the original visuals. After a while, it turned out that the way the sound effects were played was well-crafted. Actually, I've played "Sacrifices" that you made before, but both have great stories. I'm looking forward to your next work.

Great work! It's a well-crafted puzzle game.

I like "Ape Out". I also liked "GO! Rillas". After all the sound of cymbals is good.

genius! I like unexpected games. I'm glad I found this game.

An addictive game!

This is a well-finished game! I lost in 6 rounds.

Thank you for playing!

I'm not an English speaker, so I first decided to make a game without text.
And I decided to create an abstract story using the experience of walking north, which is used in classic 2D action-adventure.
I don't think it worked perfectly.
But I hope you enjoy the game.

Nowadays, games set in bars such as "VA-11 Hall-A" and "The Red Strings Club" are gradually appearing.
It's amazing that this game reproduces the bar in 3D!
I think that the production of conversation scenes by camera work is unique to 3D.

so cute!

Although this game might not a full game, and consider the theme of this game jam, 2D RPG that can walk only in the house felt that it is an attractive idea.

it's amazing! All the elements necessary for the game are implemented. Story, graphics, BGM, etc. They were in good harmony.
The ending that gives a cold impression was also good.

I like this game very much.

The 3D models and animations are very well made. I laughed when the character turned into a snowman. I had the experience of walking in a daydream.

And the bold transition of game mechanics in the final stages was astonishing. It may be my favorite scene.

Nice work!

It's fun to move the character. I felt it was a great platform action. And the graphics are very cute.

It's a great game that's simple and memorable. The low polygon style graphics are also cute. great job!

The cause was an unused large wav file. After removing this, the file size became 8MB. Thank you!!

Oops. Maybe I registered a lot of unused assets in the project. I'll try to be lightweight!