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From Brawling Form: 

Brawling Zen can rebuild its Shields as they break. While inactive Shields don't normally become active until the end of the turn, you can use Tough It Out after your active Shield breaks to immediately have a new active Shield.

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That's the one- when I first read through the book, I used that page for reference and missed the outside-archetype Style until it was pointed out to me elsewhere.

Mistake on Page 121:

"Frantic Heroes are made by picking three Archetypes, and taking one Style from each." 

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There's a very decent Google Sheets character sheet that I've used to run my games. May be a useful starting point.

If you use an ability like Shockwave and multiple Stooges are in range, they only take damage once, correct? Since they're one foe?

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Dropping the Google Sheets-based character sheet I've been using for play.

I pair it with Roll20 or another 'simple' VTT to handle maps, tokens, and HP, but this is really useful for character-building, especially for NPCs.

Edit: Now with tutorial tab.

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In a 1v1 scenario, I'd give both sides the Big Boss Comeback rule, regardless of whether they're actual Bosses or players, in which case they are removed from play temporarily, but not Taken Out.

In a 2v2 scenario and above, the target is immediately dunked into the Edge and Taken Out, but their allies may Rescue them to get them out on the following player turn, benefit from Heroic Spirit so their turn isn't wasted, etc. 

I haven't played much with Edge-based styles, so I can't tell you more.

From the dev's Twitter, the errata document will most likely be available for free.

The Track Down move doesn't actually clarify whether you find your quarry at the end, either on a 6- or on a 10+. Is it GM discretion as to whether you find it?

If you use your Armor to avoid taking a condition, do you gain Momentum?

YO this is neat. 

One question- how many dice do you roll for checks? It looks like some places indicate that you roll two (ex. "

(before adding any modifiers, both dice come up 6)", page 14, and page 12 mentioning that you can only roll two boons/curses), but the text says three dice.

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I may have missed this while reading through, but, when does the Conflict Turn happen?

I see an 'order' of



Plan & Prepare



Plan and Prepare


Does the Conflict Turn happen after Sorties/before Downtime, after Downtime /before Plan & Prepare, or after P&P/before Sorties?

Additional question- how many moves does an Astir from a Channeler playbook start with? My first reading is two- one that's 'inherent' to the Astir, and one given from the playbook, but that doesn't seem to gel with what some of the Encore playbooks indicate.

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Yo! Glad to see the game getting more attention (and looking forwards to the errata pass!).

Our group had a couple of assorted rule questions and comments after play- we made spot calls as needed, but we wanted to raise them as concerns/questions for errata;

1. Question about whether 0 damage counts as damage (answered below).

2. Can you spend any number of iron tokens on one hit (suggested by Armored Style, page 69), or just 1-2 (Glossary, page 280)?

3. How does 'priority' work? If someone wants to take an action during someone else's turn (ex. a token action), can they take as many token actions as they like before that person can take a Simple Action or use Free Movement? Can the person who's turn it is interrupt with their own token action? We generally settled on 'one side has a chance to take an action, then the other side has a chance to take an action'.

4. If a Copy moves into a space with an obstacle (particularly a Trap) using movement, what happens? Do they just coexist?

5. How do actions with an X in their cost interact with cost reduction (Elder, Phantom)? Can we treat them as a 'tiered action' with effectively infinite tiers (one for each possible die roll? Edit: Looked at Waiting Game- I'm going to guess they aren't affected by cost reduction, lol


6. This is a really goofy edge case, but a player actually did this- if someone takes Forbidden Power/Iron can they just not move? Is it split 50%/25%/25%? Our GM ruled that every 2 Speed Tokens effectively generated 1 Power and 1 Iron and 1 Speed (they were quite strong in combat, but it felt pretty fair overall- we had a strong party)

7. Play feedback- Necromancer making copies anywhere in line of sight felt like it could have very easily been overwhelming in combination with a mobile foe due to giving it effectively infinite range- the damage was low impact compared to the ability of the Boss to summon a copy at the start of their turn and then menace us at long range 'for free'. This might be working as intended, but it doesn't feel like the horde playstyle suggested by Necromancer.

8. When a character has a Copy take an action, my understanding is that this means 'you are taking the action, but from the position of the Copy', e.g. the player could, for example, spend Power tokens on behalf of the Copy, or discard their Challenge token if the Copy's action dealt damage to your Challenge target- is this correct?

9. Can you hit a single Mook foe multiple times with stuff like a 3+ Shockwave or Whirlwind if they have multiple bodes in range?

10. Play feedback- Challenge tokens are crazy impactful, and can virtually shut down Song Warriors, which may be completely unable to break through defensive walls or even get in range quickly. Fun, but felt on the edge of being an OP mechanic, with certain builds and situations making it nearly impossible to take any action- when everyone's challenged by one Bring It On!, nobody can even Put It Out! to clear a challenge.

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While not an infinite exactly, Brawling Zen is tremendously difficult to take down except by specific approaches.

When your shield is broken by damage from a foe, you gain one Power token from Brawling, then Zen deals 1 damage back to them. If you don't spend Power tokens on this hit, you gain a second Power token, meaning you can immediately put up a new shield with Tough It Out, arguably before the next damage action comes in.

Traps, Crush, and Armor/Iron tokens can counter this to some extent, but it's pretty difficult to break otherwise.

With a bit of setup (an ally with Dance, the Found an Opening bonus, or access to Chaos tokens), a Frantic Phantom with access to Patient style can gain access to Waiting Game outside their turn without being restricted by Patient's 'one action per turn' limit, letting them take it an unlimited number of times before cashing it out as one big infinite-power action (useful for, ex. Movement to generate infinite Speed for some sort of token action).

Edit: Missed that shield damage does overflow to HP! Whoops!

Thank you!

Does 0 damage count as damage? One-Two saying you can use it to clear 6 Weakness tokens suggests yes, but Knockdown Style suggests that reducing damage to 0 with Armor and Iron means it doesn't count as damage.

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I'm a bit confused by Combo-

How does using Combo techniques work within the turn rules? Does it create another  Action phase?

Does stuff that triggers in the Reveal phase (like On Reveal triggers, getting Voided by Range, etc.) not trigger if there's no Reveal phase (ex. if one player has Broken and it's the Break Phase)?

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Yes, you do get to change stances (second paragraph, page 31). Of note is that the Vigilance stance heals itself at the start of its turn, meaning that all archetypes can spec into the ability to stand themself back up.

A special note for Angel- as mentioned on page 61, the Angel Ability lets them get back up even when damaged, since it heals them.

The primary counter, as I see it, is to avoid focusing damage on foes who will just regenerate off your damage, or by 'wasting' their healing by only dealing small amounts of damage to them - you win by getting everyone to 0 HP, in whichever order that involves.  

Is something up with Defense scaling? I've been investing into Defense for the past ocuple resets, but my skeleton Defense when I start each round is the same at 324.77%. 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I ran a session today, and I had a lot of trouble with Stooges- mainly, how start-of-turn effects work with them, and how tokens are shared- I had a group of Zombies and a The Light (angel/song warrior); I couldn't tell whether the Zombies each generated Iron tokens from their build, gained one token for one of them, etc. A similar question came up for The Light's start-of-turn ability to grant tokens to all allies at once.