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Since this comes up first in googling this, I may also add that at least as of Unity 2020.3.19f1, there is an extra step involved when changing materials, you have to extract the material first. For doing that select the FBX, in the inspector go to Materials and press Extract Materials and then on that extracted material do the unlit cutout setting and etc.

I may be wrong here since you are talking about importing .blend file(s) into Unity but this is what I have to do for importing FBX files into Unity from Blender.

Thanks for the great tool!

Great controls, may I ask which, if any, asset(s) you are using for your FPS controls?


Next update will fix it, thanks for playing!

thanks man.

glad you liked it!

yeah, the next update will fix it.



glad you liked it!

Thanks for your kind words. Glad you liked it!

You are correct, once you reach 100,000 you will be super overpowered. Thanks for playing my game!



Thanks. We had to just use art packs made by Kenney and I could not find any dynamic background.
Re design, yes it's just a prototype at this point.
Thanks for playing.

areh, gharar bood tir e module ha tamoom beshe. Needs more work.



Thanks for your kind words!

Thanks MayTea jan.

Glad you liked it ;)

Thanks for your kind words Atessa jan!

haha, glad you liked it ;)

Thanks for the quick reply!

Is it possible to get the assets? I'm trying to remake a Game Boy style game in Unity but need assets. Nothing commercial of course.

Awesome cute little game! Have you released the source code? Learning Defold. Thanks!

Hit me up if you need some testers ;)

Simple and good!

Which engine did you use for this? Loving the art.

Awesome! Do you have any props or tilesets that would go with this?

Will do!

Glad you liked it ;)

Thanks for playing!

I like the idea of shooting and changing levels and I think it has room to make upon. Good job on your first game!

Thanks! Sure I'll check out your game!


Sending halp.

Yep but that would be too much for a game jam, thanks for playing!

Thanks Fledered for playing and posting comment. I'm sorry it didn't connect with you.

That's fantastic! What an awesome moment you've had!

That's good to know!