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Download link?

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Thanks for the explanation, the example (or anything you might deem would help a C3 n00b is much appreciated!).

I have a couple questions and would appreciate the answers whenever you had time:

1) So you draw the selected color over the whole screen like on a transparent (or not) square sprite stretched to fill the screen?

2) Are you planning to release it commercially?

3) Do you have experience with other engines? And if yes, what are pros and cons of C3 in your opinion for making retro 2D games?

4) What is the best tutorial material to learn making platfromer in C3 in your opinion?


Nice! Sometimes when a level loads or reloads, the music won't start.

A question, how did you replicate the level loading/transition effect of game boy? The one that screen is fading in (or out) but due to color limitations you see only 3 or 4 discreet steps of the fade rather than a smooth one in new games.


Download link?


Yes but as I said, other sites work just fine, Google, imdb, twitter, Steam, etc.

G lad you liked it! :3


Using latest FireFox on Windows, after a couple of hours of signing in into itch's site, I have to re-login as if I logged out. Itch is the only site I have this problem with so that's why I'm not ticketing FireFox for this. I tried clearing all my cookies and whatever I thought would help with but alas.


Hi, how did you release it for the Switch? Did you make it from the scratch with something like Unity? Ty.


Hi, which engine did you use to make this game?

Hey, did you make this with Game Maker? Ty!

Another question, if I may, since you know Unity as well, why did you make this game with GMS, aside from your prototype which was with GMS, IIRC. And if you want to re-make the game, would you choose GMS again, and why


Hey congrats and good luck on the release! Did you make the music and graphics yourself as well?

Great, I'm researching to make a game about depression as well. Any tips?

Hi, which engine are you using?

Nice idea!

Loving you and your work for 10+ years.

Hi, which engine did you use for this? Ty!


Both actually.

Wish you would do a tutorial on the series. This is exactly the style of game I want to make but can't find proper, and recent enough, tutorial for. Any tips?

Hi, do you know any GM tutorial to help me make things like this game? Ones I find are very advanced. Cheers.

Hi, do you know any GM tutorial to help me make things like this game? Ones I find are very advanced. Cheers.

Hi ,do you know any tutorials teach me to make a platformer like this? Ones I find are complicated and I'm new to GM. Cheers.

Love it! Are you using Pico-8?

Hi, Win 10 said "Microsoft Defender SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk.".

Also, which engine did you use to make this game?


Hi, which engine did you use for this? Cheers.

hey, did you make it with Game Maker?

Nice! Is it Game Maker?

Dogurai community · Created a new topic Engine?


You mentioned SDL in your devlog, did you use a custom engine based on SDL or used something like Unity for this?


Hi, is this going to be a commercial release at some point?

Also which software(s) did you use to make these?

Beautiful! Please make MOAR!

Hi, which engine did you use for this?

Awesome! Is this done with Multimedia Fusion as well?

Great job Fillipe! Love it.

Since this comes up first in googling this, I may also add that at least as of Unity 2020.3.19f1, there is an extra step involved when changing materials, you have to extract the material first. For doing that select the FBX, in the inspector go to Materials and press Extract Materials and then on that extracted material do the unlit cutout setting and etc.

I may be wrong here since you are talking about importing .blend file(s) into Unity but this is what I have to do for importing FBX files into Unity from Blender.

Thanks for the great tool!

Great controls, may I ask which, if any, asset(s) you are using for your FPS controls?


Next update will fix it, thanks for playing!