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Thank you for reporting this. Privacy mode is per 'session' too so, restarting the app should clear it.

Thank you for letting us know—it shouldn't do that !

Thank you !

Thank you for reaching out. To delete items and collections simply edit the text and backspace until it prompts 'Delete?" hit enter to confirm.

To load a theme, simply drag and drop the theme file into Tape.

Thank you for reaching out. Loading the guide to reset is the easiest way, it was important to not make this easy to accidentally do.

Thank you for reaching out. Please check out the on-boarding guide that is included called 'drop me in tape'.

Thank you for reaching out.  There is a guide file called 'drop me in tape' that comes with Tape that should help get you up and running.

Could you get in touch via our website please ?

Are you running some kind of anti-virus, and did you try restarting your computer before installing ?

Thank you for reaching out. This has not been reported before. Are you installing via the itch Launcher ? Are you able to download it and install separately ?

Thank you for reaching out. We appreciate the support and feedback. There is a better documentation in the works, in addition to the Quick Start guide that comes with the software.

Thank you for reaching out. You can reorganise by clicking the dots on left-most part of a collection to send it to the top of the stack. As for layout you can change this by pressing [TAB].

Thank you for reaching out. Have you tried downloading via the website, not the app ? This may be a problem to bring up with support.

Thank you for reaching out. Tape is customised with themes that can be downloaded from here

Thank you for reaching out. Not at this time, but we are working on a user guide. There is a quick-start file that comes with all downloads of Tape that you can drop in and see how it works.

Thank you for the kind words ! Tape 1.3.3 has support for rearranging items in and between collections. This version is available to Patreon supporters now.

When you say delete steps, you can simply edit the text and [backspace] — or do you mean something else ?

Hi—Can you go to and contact us through the support widget please ?

Than you for reaching you. CSV data needs to be in .txt format. We will add support for .csv in future.

Thank you for reaching out. Definitions for the states are toward the bottom of the theme .svg where it says 'Tape'. The definitions above those are for the rest of the UI.

Thank you for reaching out. Customisation of states is not possible at this time but it is something we are looking into.

Thank you for reaching out an the kind words. More themes are available from !

Thank you for reaching out. You are able to change the font size with + and - on your keyboard.

if you are including productivity tools, please consider TAPE

GUIDE is collection data. If you drop it in TAPE, it shows a welcome message. Clicking that will cause a reset. We wanted to avoid a situation where it was too easy to accidentally erase everything, without some form of undo.

Thank you for reaching out and for the kind words. TAPE is designed so you can have all of your projects in a single session, with the saving/loading system in place to provide a backup. It is dangerous to have a file easily loaded simply replace the contents which is why it adds in the way it does, but allows other Collections to be added.

If you need to reset the contents, you can use the GUIDE .txt file that is provided with TAPE, clicking the message that appears will remove any Collections present.

Currently there is no way to rearrange Items in a Collection but it is something we are looking into !

Okay. First please make a save of your TAPE data with CTRL+S

Next you are looking for a .localstorage file that should be somewhere like C:\Users\<you>\AppData\Local\Tape 

If you delete this and start TAPE it should revert the zoom back to original.

Thank you for reaching out. There is no current way to reset the zoom level, but this can be added to the general reset built into the Guide, and the option to reset theme. In the meantime is it possible to access the Windows On-screen Keyboard ? I believe the appropriate keys would be there ?

Thank you. Because of a change that was made for 1.3.0, all themes had to be updated for them to be compatible with eachother.

Hello. Are you running 1.3.0 and have the latest themes from the respository ?

Thank you for reaching out. The ability to freely rearrange Collections is planned but cannot commit to when this will be available at this time. 

Can you please explain what you mean by sub-categories ?

Thank you for reaching out. This is something we are looking into but there is no timeframe on this at the moment. Your patience is appreciated.

Thank you for reaching out. Not at this time.

Thank you for your patience. 1.2.4 has now been released and should address the problem.

There has been no work done on this yet and I apologise. I will look into it as soon as I can.

Thank you for getting in touch.

Changing the default export location of collection data is not possible at this time, however there is a persistant local storage file. It is called 'file__0.localstorage' on MacOS, but I do not recall what this would be on Windows. You should be able to symlink this to another location, or link it to a git repository. If the intention is to share this between other teams in this way, beware that this would completely override the data. This is not an ideal situation I am aware but it is something we are looking into.

The bar was an aesthetic choice for Windows as it looked strange compared to the MacOS version, but I am thinking about the consistency between them.

Thank you for reaching out. Not at this time, but I am happy to answer any questions you have about the current release !

Thank you for the comment, it means a lot.

It has been reported that copy paste sometimes acts strangely and I am looking into it. However I believe that if you right click>paste, that should work.

Thank you for reporting this. I was able to reproduce this. It seems as though items that contain quote marks aren't being stored properly, fail to change the state and be deleted. The only way to delete these items is to delete the parent collection.

I will look into how to prevent this from happening.