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Hello, Tape has not been tested on that variant of Linux but we'll try to look into it and see what's going on. Thank you so much for your support !

Hello, sorry for the confusion. Tape on MacOS has a feature that shows a badge notification, these should only appear for how many collections have priority items in them.

Hello, not at this time but it is on the list !

Oh of course, please sure you are using 1.4, and you need to hover over the collection you want to edit the states of and a list should appear of what the states currently are.

Hello, that shouldn't happen ! Are you opening up the state editor with Ctrl+E, and what are you changing the states to please ?

Currently any files are loaded via drag+drop, any data will be created and append what is currently there.

Hello and thank you for the kind words. You can export all your data to a custom location with Ctrl+S, and as of 1.4 this can be individual collections.

That's awesome—there are plans for sharing but can't give a timeframe when that will be at the moment.

It is coming soon, supporters are anyone who is supporting us via Patreon/Ko-fi

Tape data is stored in a LocalStorage folder in a folder like C:\Users\<you>\AppData\Local\Tape

It is not possible to change where this points to at this time.

Hello and thank you for saying. Yes ! This is a feature in coming 1.4 that is currently available to supporters.

This is the first report of Tape not working in Linux I remember seeing, so I appreciate being made aware of it. I can look into it but at this time I can't offer an ETA on when that might be. You are welcome to initiate a refund if you prefer.

Hello, this is the quickstart guide that comes with Tape in the file 'drop me in Tape'. If you drag this into the Tape UI, it will load the guide.

Thank you for reporting this. There are many variants of Linux which makes it difficult to test, and this is the first report we've had of this, so we'll look into it !

Hello—are you using the + - keys on the numeric keypad to change the size ? These should work but the ones to the left fo the delete key were the only originally supported and should work.

Hello — Are you running Tape from the itch launcher ? There is a known issue that prevents drag and drop functionality that affects MacOS and Windows users. If you run the app independent of itch, it should work as intended.

Of course, thank you—yes it is currently missing from our documentation !

Hello, sorry you had to do that. To delete simply click on the text label of any collection or item and backspace until it says 'Delete?' and press Enter to confirm.

Hello—this seems fine but you are not able to change states, or which features are specifically not working ?

Hello—do you mean the check mark at the top right ? That only collapses the collection and sends it to the bottom, and doesn't change the state of any items. If you didn't mean to do this you can simply click the dots at the top left of the collection, and anywhere in the collection title bar to open it up again.

Hello—hold cmd/ctrl and + -

hi— Z should work

Thank you for reaching out—Currently the fastest way to delete collections is to click the title, hold CMD/CTRL and press Backspace, then Return. Another way to delete may be implemented in the future but for now it was done this way to avoid accidental deletion as there is no undo. I hope this helps for now.

Thank you for reaching out. It is a known problem with running Tape from the itch launcher, it prevents some features from working as intended.

Thank you for reaching out. Are you running Tape via the itch app ? If so please run it externally. If you are trying to drop in a theme that is in a .zip file, please extract them to a folder first.

Thank you for reaching out. If I understand you, you are trying to set the status back to Neutral and not able to use the ~. You should be able to click through the states on the right side of each item, and also press 0 on the keyboard. Does that work ?

Thank you for reaching out. X and O for Pico8 are mapped to Z and X on the keyboard, so you will need press Z to start.

Hi everyone this is the first ever MinicubeJam  !

A code/game jam intended specifically for Minicube64, a fantasy console emulator based on 6502.

This jam asks that you make something cool— a demo effect, even a game—for Minicube64 and its limitations of 64x64 pixels, 64 colours and 64K ROM.

So if you wanted to make a game on a new system that is like the NES, Atari 26OO or C64 maybe this is for you !

I hope you check it out !

Thank you for reaching out. You can use CMD/CTRL+S to export the collection data to a JSON .txt file. 

Which link to Discord did you try ?

Thank you for reporting this. Privacy mode is per 'session' too so, restarting the app should clear it.

Thank you for letting us know—it shouldn't do that !

Thank you !

Thank you for reaching out. To delete items and collections simply edit the text and backspace until it prompts 'Delete?" hit enter to confirm.

To load a theme, simply drag and drop the theme file into Tape.

Thank you for reaching out. Loading the guide to reset is the easiest way, it was important to not make this easy to accidentally do.

Thank you for reaching out. Please check out the on-boarding guide that is included called 'drop me in tape'.

Thank you for reaching out.  There is a guide file called 'drop me in tape' that comes with Tape that should help get you up and running.

Could you get in touch via our website please ?

Are you running some kind of anti-virus, and did you try restarting your computer before installing ?

Thank you for reaching out. This has not been reported before. Are you installing via the itch Launcher ? Are you able to download it and install separately ?