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The pop-up that appears after you click this button, I was thinking. Where it first shows you what your level code is.

Gauntlets seem like a great idea, actually. More user-made content means less work for you ;)

But seriously, the only nitpick I have with this game is that you have to manually copy your level code digit by digit. Not too terrible, since they're relatively short, but maybe a 'Copy ID' button would make it slightly easier to share levels.

Hey, no problem! Definitely kinda hyped to see the completed game.

Also, just one more thing. Sometimes you can pull off jumping right in a corner and your direction doesn't switch correctly.

Here's the level code as an example; BVYDF6D
And here's a video if you can't seem to get it:

And another. Sometimes, hitting a bouncepad on the ceiling will launch you downwards.

Example: TS1V8G0

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And here's another interesting mechanic. You can just barely jump off the edges of blocks, which could honestly be used in oodles of different ways.

Here's an example: H6PSM0S

(In this example, you'd jump where the marker (coin) is.)

I found this interesting mechanic when sliding down a wall and jumping while in the air. After hitting a ceiling, you continue to fall straight downwards.

Here's an example: N6MW02K

this is honestly really incredible

love the music for this being a simple indie rhythm game


Due to the fact that momentum carries over from previous attempts, I utilized the places you could actually die into a level mostly focused on this idea. In order to pass, you'll have to jump into a (very certain) spike to get momentum out of the start position to reach a platform above. Very fun level building and playtest system. Love that the simple execution made for easy sharing and level rendering.



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felt rewarding that i could use some simple bug/feature with one key to find this easter egg

very nice game

easter egg in the third level i believe

this game is actually so fire

this game is actually so fire

If you press Space and the Up arrow key at the same time, you jump incredibly high.

Watch out for the sequel then...

Not really complaining is it?

1. So you could like him if you wanted.

2. So ask??

3. It was obv a joke.

4. Okay and?

5. He didn't beg. He just stated.

How do you think you'll have smart comebacks in the FNF Community posts.

uh oh

Intentionally bad. :troll:

I'm well aware of the bug which you can kill the enemies at the hurdle part. :)

Sorry for being terrible, I'm learning slowly lol



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