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I'd really be interested in how the BOB approach could be used with a more traditional game to use weak and strong moves to match hero journey beats.

For example - What could be done during the 'downtime' phase to move the story through beats.

5 Stars!

This looks like a great game. The ship rules and playbooks are solid & the addition of Spire / Heart style resources is great! I am looking forward to playing --

I am - what's up?

id like to get to a physical copy, but I can’t promise a timeline. 

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that would be great!

I'll start -

I have a mostly playable quickstart of an ECB spinoff.  Play special operatives investigating the supernatural, securing mythological artifacts, and protecting humanity in Crossroads: Task Force Shadow.

My long term goal is to have a handful of small games in the 'Crossroads' world. The other one that I am working on at the moment is Crossroads: Knights of the Road (truckers, bikers, and drifters fighting demons).

Hi all-

We have just over a week left of the Jam. I'd love to hear what you are working on.  If you need more time, let me know - I can extend the Jam!

I just finished the fifth mission for my ECB anthology. All 5 missions are available, but I'm still working on the conspiracy.

All of the missions are now available.

You can absolutely use it -- just give credit.

For what it is worth, I collaborated on a 'mystery' game that is Forged in the Dark & adjacent to Trophy (whatever that means). I think it does horror / mystery / investigation better than what I did in Shadow Precinct.  We are doing a game jam on itch right now if you want to check it out.

A really interesting mystery involving REDACTED and REDACTED. It also includes suggestion on how to use the mystery to launch a campaign in the town of Hope.  

At least I didn't write teh teh...

I have now redacted the second the.

That sounds incredible!

I’d love to see a set of mission on religious or mythological items. Perfect for a pulp / Indiana Jones spin on ECB. 

Thanks -- I'll be posting at least the first two missions this week.

That sounds great -- I'll be working on finishing up a collection of missions & creating a inspired by Vigilant Lock in Craig Schaefer's books.

The material in this supplement was not in the kickstarter. It is an anthology of new missions

I’ll see what I can do, but it may take a while. I do hope that the rule summary is comprehensive enough where you won’t need to refer to the book during play. 

 I appreciate the comment. 

It will be available on DrivethruRPG in about a month.

The art looks great!

Thank you for the comment!  I just finished the NPC business card codex & am nearly finished with the GM card deck. Once those are done, I'll be turning to the city descriptions.  I'll likely add a Google Drive folder to the product page so that you can access cities as they are completed.

I think this is fine.  I know that I don't use controlled as a position very often. The results feel boring -- mostly its a 'do over.' Perhaps anything that really is Controlled could be just as easily done as a fortune roll since there is little to no risk.  A failure or complication on a fortune roll could then indicate that something bad might happen -- risk introduced, so make you next action in a Risky position.

Or, just remove controlled.  I played Runners in the Shadows and don't think removing it would have a negative impact on the game.

I'd love to hear more about how the mechanics pull the focus to problem solving instead of resource attrition. 

I had had the chance to playtest this a month or so ago.  It is a fantastic game.  Lots of action, great setting concept, and motorcycles!  Asphalt & Trouble is a ton of fun.

This is a beautiful game.  The "end times" theme flows throughout the game and the playbooks, special abilities, and world building are incredibly evocative of weird wild west. 

I haven't played it yet, but it looks great.  The rules are really easy to grasp and fit the theme well.  I much prefer the simplicity of these rules to the complex rules of other Cthulhu mythos games!

I did something similar with my hack of Adrenaline.  Cohorts have 4 action ratings:  Attack, Influence, Move, Scrape.  Ratings of 0-2.

I love the detail of the Business chapter.  It is perfect fit for the genre and looks like it will play really well at the table.

This is looking great!

Cover art looks great!