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The Redacted Materials Jam during the month of October is the perfect time to get creative, get weird, and have fun creating. Start small with a new background or bureau, or go big with a full game in its own setting.

The External Containment Bureau (ECB) RPG was born out of the Forged in the Dark community on Discord. We wanted a complete game that had fewer 'moving parts' when compared to Blades in the Dark. A game that was not only quick to pick up and play, but one that was easy to hack. 

We want you to create and share your own ECB scenarios and additions. We want you to sculpt the system into your own games. 

Check out ECB's open license, Redacted Materials, to see what you can do and learn how to acknowledge ECB in your creations.


Share your work, ask questions, and get feedback through this Jam's community page. If you want to geek out with like-minded hackers join the Blades in the Dark Discord and stop by the Hack channels. 

Redacted Materials Resources

ECB Quickstart


We have a bunch of resources to help you create your own materials. The External Containment Bureau page on includes the game, a free hacking guide, and a free mission template for Affinity Publisher. 

If you don't own the game, the components and rules are available for free in the ECB Quickstart. If you would like to see ECB in action, check out the actual plays here and here (Ep 1.1EP 1.2EP 2.1EP 2.2). 

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A Tabletop RPG of occult investigation, based in the world of External Containment Bureau