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Hello! We are so excited to share that Realm Fisher is out today!

Realm Fisher is a free pick-your-path adventure about a biology student and a young fisherman going on an epic interdimensional journey to bring life to a unique marine ecosystem in their community. This interactive fiction focuses on solarpunk themes of environmentalism and community care. It is playable in browser on both PC and mobile and roughly 30 minutes in length. Ratings and reviews are greatly appreciated.

This interactive fiction is made for folks who enjoy:

  • Cute Fishing Games
  • Free Games
  • Cozy Games
  • Text-based Games

Happy gaming!

- The Realm Fisher Team

thank you so much for your kind words! i am so happy that you enjoy them! :o)

hi tom! thank you so much for hosting this jam—it's my second ever jam and first to include actual game design, so i'm really excited to be a part of it. :o) i'm currently working on a lightweight low tech micro ttrpg about scavengers traveling through a system of planets hundreds of years after a mysterious apocalypse. i was super inspired by the brevity of Guarden, and i'm hoping to make it available as a small foldable book as well. doing a micro ttrpg has also proven to make everything much more doable since i'm a full time uni student!  i did have just a few quick questions that i wanted to ask. 

1. is there a discord for this jam? i know it's a little late but i'd love to join any sort of community to keep up with everyone's current and future projects. <:')

2.  to make our games comprehensive, how much of the core rules/content should we include versus refer players to the srd for?  for example, there are sections that i feel like i should put directly into my game from the srd (such as the character creation stat info like the 8 dice method, etc) whereas there are elements that i am completely making up for the particulars of my game that don't appear in the srd at all. i'm going to get a few friends to proofread the game before i share it at the end of the jam, but as someone who has made 2+ games in this system so far i was wondering if you had any insights! thanks. 


hi there, thank you so much! these are under noncommercial license. feel free to use and enjoy in any way that does not involve redistribution and reselling. if you or anyone else has other questions, just let me know. enjoy! <:o)