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I really liked it, the thing I disliked the worse was that it doesn't matter where you go, there's no progression.

I like that you can go anywhere but it would be nice if you had a sense of direction, if you were actually following a wreckage or something and were either going towards the beach, into the open sea, across the shore... something like that.

The canal would also be a lovely addition to make it end.

I don't quite understand the encounters. What kind of interactions can you do? if you fail the wisdom test in a trap do you get the reward? can you go inside a place multiple times?

also, can you rotate the map parts?

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walking simulator that's... weird and psychodelic. I wonder what would you make with more than 2 colors
The graphics are amazing and the music works really well

cool game! it was a bummer that the open didn't open in the end

Thank you! I'm the composer :) there's another tune coming for the last stage that we didn't have time to add.

The in game sound effects were one of the losses we had to cut sadly

I'm glad you could change it in time. You can always decide later which one you like the most.
BTW I took part in the jam as the composer for this game:

Well there was quite  a lot of progression already honestly. Again, good job

Lovely! I really enjoyed the levels and the mechanics, dying felt quite rewarding as you moved on to the next level. And the death animation really sent the message you would be coming back there. It's a shame because when I got back to the first level I already had unlocked every skill so it was too easy.

The artwork is also simple but effective!

Great job.

I made the music for soulkeeper, just in case you want to give it a go :)

Cool concept! the controls are  little bit uncomfortable. I also love the aesthetics but wasn't it cheating to use more than 2 colors?

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sure! Let's do this! I'll leave my email here and delete it once you have contacted me.

Finally figured out a good way to optimize the basic mines!

Just to ditch them later, the other ones are so much more efficient and less awkward to place. I think it would actually be funnier that some other pieces were difficult to place, but it's all very balanced, I love that there is consistency between the different types of buildings, oxigen are Zs, water Cs, farms 6s . Great game!!

well, then the fun becomes designing the city. But yeah, I think this game could use some more story, natural catastrophes etc

It saves my progress now, you have to press next month though

I'm a composer and board game designer, looking for a team. I also want to expand my sound designer portfolio, I'm eager to work on games again!

You can find some of my work on

Hello! I'm a composer and board game designer, you can find some of my work on

Congrats on winning! I concur with one of the comments, the name doesn't make justice to the game. You would have had me at ninjas.
Great execution and substraction!

nice, everything makes sense.

I missed the end game condition anyways

I'm so sorry, this is so hard to read and understand for me.
I barely had time to submit my own game but if we meet again in another jam and you want to, we could review each other's rulesets.

Another reader lost here. Is this some kind of rush hour race game?

This is like a geek petanque, great Idea and execution

sure! see you around

well, this are the "lite rules" of course, when I imagine the complete game it's more rogue like in the sense that every player keeps adding skills and tools to the pool that they got at random. In my head that was rogue like enough.

As for ciber war... That was a bilinguist errata from my part that then I decided to keep so the tittle is more unique. Does it hurt your eyes too much? It's not set in stone.

Thanks for the comment!

I like it how you simplified the areas A LOT, no measuring, no sir. I think part of the fun can be drawing your own tavern.
I never thought I'd see trick taking like mechanics in a wargame but here we are.

This is why I love game jams. I still have to check many submissions but this one hits hard. If only you had shadows to shoot at.

Nonviolent game, yay! I like it but I have some doubts about the rules: so the enemy AIs basically drain energy from you? are they also an object that you can recycle? You being also an AI makes it weird rules wise.

I would love to see this turn into an app to play it on the phone or browser. Good job!

This seems nice! it's a poket 4x. I wonder how long the games last.

Two questions:
1) why didn't you just use squares instead of inches? Seems to me the game could be played in a relatively small area.
2) when does the game end?

heya! I sent you an email

Yep, right there.
"If there are robots from opposing sides adjacent to one another, both players select targets for the robot’s attack. Each robot may only target one enemy. If there are any robots adjacent to an enemy base, they can attack the base instead. All attacks happen simultaneously. "

mm I'll have to revise but they are authomatic you just assign damage to an adjacent opponent when it's time for the the damage phase

Hello! are you still looking for composers?

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I'm looking for collab. I'm super eager to make music for games. You can find some of my works at I work with both production music tools and algorithmic composing
Also, I don't have much experience as a sound designer but I want to experience working in that area.
As a game designer I'll probably want to help in the level and game design but if help is not needed I will understand.

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I find the card mechanic interesting but can't help but wonder how broken is it, some cards seem way better than others. It's hard to balance things.

The deathblow+stagger requirement seems interesting too. It probably makes miniatures gang up on each other and jump to defend others by... Staggering too. Cool

I understand that once the charges run out, they are gone.
I love time travel. This has some interesting mechanics but I wonder if they make the game too hard to keep track of what happens.

I wonder if it could be possible to implement some kind of Tenet stuff, some of the units moving forward and the others backward.

I understand that once the charges run out, they are gone.
I love time travel. This has some interesting mechanics but I wonder if they make the game too hard to keep track of what happens.

I wonder if it could be possible to implement some kind of Tenet stuff, some of the units moving forward and the others backward.

I'm glad! Do tell me how it went

thank you!

thank you! That's a really accurate description to the final result yeah haha

where did you get this illustrations? they are amazing!

quite interesting!
My take is that this is an AI that has been malfunctioning but nevertheless tries to make Alex Happy?
Did I understand correctly and it wanted to keep Alex staying but didn't succeeed? (at least I didn't!) so many questions..

this seems perfect to add flavour to 5 parsecs from home which I have just been testing!