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hey, that means a lot to hear, thank you!

I never considered gamepad actually, that's a good thought. Probably because I approached it as an FPS. I feel like I'd lose wall and aim control, but hey, I'm down. I find that lowering the lean sensitivity significantly improves control, for what it's worth.

segway checks out +1 thanks for the feedback!

thanks for playing!

for sure, definitely "almost" 6dof (wink). I certainly agree that any explicit indicator of achievement before you get wormed would be a great low-hanging revision to make and is a bang-on piece of feedback.

would you be interested in playing with this movement system in a larger game with more content to back it up?


gotcha. do you mind shooting me an email with your card and driver version? you can reach me at acg (at)

updated the windows build ( let me know if that works for you

is this on windows? do you have a nvidia card by any chance? I heard that the new driver update might have some issues