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Thank you for these. Purchased on behalf of

Excellent, thank you. I'll get in touch there 👍🏼

This is very nice. Is there any way to get in touch with you for additional work?

Hi. Your work is great, all of it! Is there any way to get in touch with you? Asking on behlaf of

Love the charge animation. The angry eyes and frantic spinning 😄

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What a bummer :( Hope you get this resolved. I'm looking forward to trying this!

Seems quite fun. Nice looking also, very fresh and lighthearted. Great job so far!

Just came across this. It's really good!

These sprites are very good! But I gotta admit I like the female sword character from the "Magic Cliffs Pack" better. Would it be possible to change her a bit and get additional animations for the sword character, like the bridge heroine? Please let me know if you are available for this and I would be happy do discuss a commision. Thanks again for the great animations :)

Purchased the whole bridge heroine bundle on behalf of Dreamware Games. Thank you!

Purchased the Pixel-Art BUNDLE - 2023 on behalf of Would love to get in touch with you for potential further work. Thank you!

This is very good. I purchased the January 23 bundle and it's great value. Thank you!

Hi again. I finally got around to using your great work: 

Purchased with a little added. This is great, thank you. I'll be using it in a game coming soon.

Hi again Norma. I purchased these to use in a game. They are stunning. WOuld you be available for a commission to do some additional work?

Hi. I really like these and your other work. Would it be possible to get in touch with you somehow? I need pixel art backgrounds for a game (to be released on Steam and Xbox) and your style is very attractive!

Thank you all for your time. I will look through all responses this coming week and make a decision.

Bought the bundle. Great value for money. Consistent and fantastic looking assets.

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Looking for consistent 2D pixel art (sprite sheets), 16x16, for classic retro arcade games. Starting with Asteroids and Brick Breaker.

Use your imagination and make a small sample, for example the ship and an asteroid; or the paddle and a block.

Price is negotiable, my initial budget is 100USD.

If art is good, there is possibility to continue working on other classics, like Centipede, Missile Command etc.


I made a simple 2D platformer with these assets and will release it on Steam around end of August. Already approved by Steam. I will of course give you credit. Thank you.

Thank you for these. Purchased and will be put to good use in my game :)