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Great game. Soft locked myself stuck under the stairs by clipping through the wall though so heads up.

I love this.


Prime Bold Gaming.

    "belly_color": "#373737",

    "belly_shade": "#2c2c2c",

    "body_type": 6,

    "ear_type": 4,

    "head_type": 2,

    "horn_color": "#232323",

    "horn_shade": "#1c1c1c",

    "horn_type": 2,

    "scale_color": "#ffffff",

    "scale_shade": "#646464",

    "scale_shadow": "#262626",

    "tail_type": 7


You can jump to F&H Termina. Although there are a few callbacks to this game, no knowledge of F&H 1 is required.

Surprisingly touching in such a short time. I love it.

This is a wonderful place! I love it here.You can walk around and not talk and just be yourself here and enjoy the music as it dances and you can dance or a simulacrum of it and in the end everything is beautiful.

I had to force myself to quit. Good job.

I won because i fell into lava pit because i was carrying too many text books.

too great  gameplay

Is this a furry thing?

Just for this comment, I'll give it a shot.

I make the world a nicer place by giving folks a hard time.

Thank you!

Left the game and my box got "stolen"

I love this. I love the message, the art style, the music. Everything is creatively shown and there is always a sense of wonder. I'm so excited to see your future projects!

I know a lot of the music is adaptive, but I can't help but wonder, soundtrack when? The cabin's first theme is amazing. I just stayed in the cabin for a while just so I can hear the music. Only one other song has got me to do that.

(1 edit)

It probably is, but I got stuck at the white space rock part.

...Is this a typo?

I really like the parts that paused the game until you pressed the interact button again. Gives the impression your character is thinking about something. May steal it. It's amazing for a game made in a day.

It will be fixed in the next update!

I absolutely love this game, and I am so excited for the full release! The first enemy fight was amazing. I love that it just gave a somewhat challenging fight from the get go that shows the amazing mechanics. The next two fights, however, are lacking. The ruby root swarm was a damage sponge and I stood no chance in the boss fight. I still feel like I don't understand as much of the world as the game would like, but what I do understand is awesome. I love the cinematics and the focus scene was awesome. The art style and music was charming, although I saw a few placeholders. Again, amazing game with a few flaws. I'm so glad you decided to continue with this.

You said you wanted a writer? I can be a writer.

This is a really short one:

Let's just say I had bigger goals than I should for a game jam. (I was inspired by Duskers.) If I expand upon this I will definitely add more. Thank you so much for the constructive criticism!

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Wow. This is something I'm going to chew on for a bit. Thank you so much.

That seems to be the case. It seemed to fix itself, but it's going black at a different point. (When I enter the moon room.) Thank you. My computer is just starting to show its age.

Strangely atmospheric. Reminds me of childhoods spend in dirty motels lying on hard carpets, playing secondhand board games, and staring at the fog outside the window. This captures something rare.

I'm sorry, but it just seems to open on a black screen for me. The sound effects play, just none of the graphics display.

Thank you! As someone who recently got into music making, this made my day!

There seems to be a weird glitch on the stairs to the roof which soft-locks you, making you have to reload.

933.92 Great music. Great gameplay. Once it clicks, it's a blast.

Here's my game:

I hope you enjoy it. Thank you!

There's a lot about this game to like. The art is amazing. The way the light goes off suddenly and the shadows smoothly recede back to reveal hungry beaks eyes and teeth. I like how you used a turn based approach rather than a real-time timer in this game's use of the limitation. (Unlike me who did the timer.)

Unfortunately, I feel like levels run out of ways to explore this mechanic quickly, and that the difficulty curve goes weird in the last half. The other graphics feel a bit bare too.

This game is a great game and i enjoyed playing it. I hope you had a good time making it.

Thanks. Your game was amazing too. Sorry if my review focused too much on the negative aspects of the game. I hope it helped.

I enjoyed this game. The art was cute. The mechanics were simple but fun, throwing new things in and giving them proper introduction n how they work. The level design was pretty tricky. This game has a lot of polish.

However, there are a few things that could be improved. The controls seem a bit laggy in the beginning, but once you realize how to press the buttons ahead of time, they are pretty responsive. Level four is an extremely steep difficulty curve, it ended my first two runs on easy and normal, and almost made me quit the game. Also, the death animations take too long. This may seem like a nitpick, but this clashes with many aspects of the game. This game is a hard die then retry game. Having to wait for the girl to catch you is frustrating. Besides, the added addition of the clock, which continues even when you die.

Also, I want to talk about how the time limit was implemented. It was a little frustrating, but breezing through the first few levels after a restart? Man, that felt good. Although I fear in hardcore there will be a similar problem, where you know you can't beat the level in time, so why bother trying, and just waiting.

This game is a good game and it deserves more attention. I hope this feedback is helpful and not overly negative.

Thank you. I'm glad you had fun. I wanted to convey the movement system only through level design. I'm glad that worked out for you.

Haha. Yeah, I probably should have varied the song a bit. Also the fact I made the song quickly didn't help. Thank you for your feedback. I'm glad you enjoyed this game.

This game was a really cute and really good. I wouldn't be surprised if it wins. The amount of polish and art is mind boggling for a three day game jam game. (I also see that the submission was pretty clutch. 40 seconds?! Wow.) I am glad you submitted this game. The difficultly is harder than diamond, but that's what makes it so fun to complete.

The only problems I have are just nitpicks and matters of personal taste. The controls are a bit slippery. The difficulty spikes a bit too quickly. The signs only show information the player has probably already figured out from the level design. You have to backtrack to get to the start of a level. The ending is just a freeze frame. (But it's a very pretty freeze frame.)

Other than that, this game is amazing. I hope this feed back is helpful.