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Oh no! That's a new one, thanks for trying and for the feedback. I nailed down  the in game crashing issues and am excited to push those changes after the Jam's voting ends, but I'll have to look into that too! 

thank you so much! I quickly learned there was too much going on haha. So I knew I needed to make things super clear, I think I can probably do better too!

I like the presentation and your emphasis on  the story!

hey that’s awesome to hear, thanks for the kind words! I found the cause of the crash and have an update ready when the game jam voting is over! I had a lot of fun with this and people really like the idea so I may do a full release of this in the future with more characters, cards, structure, etc!

That was fun I love the aesthetic!

This was a lot of fun!! I always love playing magic users in games so I tried an all Magician army... It actually did better than I thought haha!

Woah that is a very weird bug! Thanks for the feed back I'll take a look. Also thanks for the kind words I'm glad you like it! Of course I found what I think is the cause of the crashing after the game jam ended... I do plan push the changes right after voting ends!

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Hey thanks! And I do plan to expand on it more! I also have some updates to fix its crashing issue once the Jam’s voting ends.

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Clouds of Fire is a rougelite, shootem up with physics and a bunch of unlockables. The Blazing Skies update brings a bunch of new 'Elite' enemies types, a brand new level, new level system making them more unique feeling, mini-map, a new weapon system with dozens of weapons from 'Flame Wall' to 'Bayonet' and many more, bug fixes, improved graphics, a new checkpoint system, options to lower or increase on screen effects and more!

Great job everyone I'm gonna take a look at every game once I had time. I hope everyone enjoyed the structure of this jam, I plan to do it again in the future!

PS: the download for my game was bad till about now..... If someone tries it now and it crashes right away please let me know! It should be good now though

Great submission! I love the idle animation and overall look!

Unfortunately it might be too late as the jam ends in a few hours so it may have been too late when you posted for anyone to have seen and used your help. Thanks for offering though we had a good turnout and I hope to do it again in the future!

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Last Focus and theme announced: Music/Sound and 8or16 - bit! I updated the post above and will add the sources and tutorials I've used in the past, along with any other I can find next chance I get!

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FocusAnimation and/or  Music/Sound

Optional Themes:  Layered and/or 8 or 16 - bit

The last focus and theme will be announced Thursday!

Remember if we "require" anything we'd like to see sticking to 1 of the 2 chosen Focuses, just as a means to motivate you to work on something you might not be good at. If you're good at both, pick your own!

Here are some useful animation tutorial sources:







Bosca Ceoil

Unity Audio:

If you have very limited resources for sound you can record random stuff on a phone, send it to your computer and mess with it on Audacity to make weird stuff. Here is a good video for some general inspiration:

Mortal Kombat X Sound Effects Special Bonus Video:

If you have any other sources for good animation tips or tutorials, or maybe your own tips; or you have some layered ideas you're willing to share, then let us know!

Since this is about becoming better at things feel free to reach out to anyone here who may be able to help with any programming, music making, "art'ing" or other question you have!

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Welcome to the Become Better at Something Jam!

 I'm Aaron (@AaronMakesGames after spending lots of time sifting through itch for my next jam while also knowing instead I should take time to hone some of my gamedev weaknesses I realized I should combine the two! And here we are, the Become Better at Something Jam!

Say hi and let us know what you are NOT good at!

For me? Art, animation.. music...sound.....story......... I'm decent at programming I suppose.

I'm also going to take this opportunity to make my first GoDot Game Engine game, so whatever I end up making, rest assured, it will be bad :)

My game of choice is Brick Breaker, the twist is that it is also Missile Command, and I'm working solo!