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Nice game, simple but effective. I like making giant ramps for myself to launch off of. 

That lag is real ;) Was hard to tell if I actually killed the enemies so I would spin violently trying to find them. The walking puzzled showed me I'm not ready for parenthood :D. Well done!

My goal exactly, feel like you had no control and then during wave 1/2 realize you are always rotating counter clockwise and plan accordingly to give the player control. Build 2 for friends and family will be sped up and sound/polish. Thanks for playing :)

Into made me think of "Show me what you got"

Nice game, hard to bounce the plant at the right moment with the bomb (assuming I was suppose to bounce over the bomb). Congrats on completing a game :)

Great idea, they are pretty dumb AI and just pick random key then head back to their spawn point.  Maybe some sort of warning on the edge of the screen as they spawn in and start moving to the screen. Thanks for rating.

Nice, job the trowing felt good a fair

Very nice, sometime the looseness of movement can feel bad, but I think you nailed it here.

Nice idea, the control meter went up to quickly for me to ever make real progress. Have no clue where anything on the ctrl map was made it hard and I had no time to get ready. Maybe slow time down when Q was pressed.

That is tilting, nicely done. The beep slight before the change would give the player the ability to learn to be better. Although as I type this, the beep itself should be the trigger to check the controls. One other idea would be to keep the controls the same across levels. Felt bad to complete one level and then immediately start tilting on the next. But again it was titling so maybe that was part of the goal. Either way thanks for the fun.

Nice music and idea, but  a little too slow. The stop and move over made it far to easy to dodge the birds.

Love it :) Thank you fun time and oh, thanks for all the fish

Fun and quick with the silliest ending, thank you kind sir. 

Nice one,  my game hard similar idea of not controlling the shooting. This was a much better implementation of that base premises. Learned a ton from your design.

Well done, not sure if there is an end, but I also sunk way longer than I expected into this game. Nice music, visuals. Great jam game, leveling system would be nice but hard to do in 48 hrs ;). I also suck at typing sacrifice :D

Noted, I think I'll do a "fixed" build after voting where I speed everything up by 50% and decrease the rotation time to 4 or 5 seconds.

Well done, hard as hell to get the controls but once you do this was super fun.

Thanks, initially the packets where suppose to help with position but then ended up being neutral at best and I liked that they could randomly screw you.

I like the art and sound, nice work for your first Jam

Would be nice if I could manually reorder the instructions. A little more polish and this could be a legit mobile game or something small like that.

I think games like these would be great for kids to learn about how computers think. They do exactly what you tell them to, which is great until they do EXACTLY what you tell them to do and you create a bug ;). 

I guess I had no control, might have been better if I could choose which tentacles when out instead of all or none. I like the originality of this idea.

Super cool, really felt like I was in some sort of computer system. Hard to use q and jump. Impressive for a jam game .

Damn,  might be me and my loved ones. "One last game honey.." Well done, super unique.

Music was also very pleasing :)

Very hard, explosion animation felt underwhelming for how far it actually effect the ball. Would take me while and would be totally fun as a mobile game.

Love how dumb this made me feel,

Growing up int the country mowing our lawn was my main chore and I hated it. Now living in a city with an apartment and no lawn, I miss mowing. Nice graphics, not sure who this is out of control. But thanks for the nostalgia trip :)

Nice game, found myself constantly trying to jump at last second or aim. Good use of player muscle memory to screw with them. Might be nice if the arrow stayed on screen.

Nice game, with great music. Was able to just spam click and hit everything without ever really aiming. Might be nice if there was some small cool-down so I was forced to use the aiming. Also not sure what Green balloons did, but the movement balance was just right. Out of control but didn't feel annoying.

Nice Job, the art is really pleasing. Might have been better if you could only go so far to the right or left. Felt like I could leave our furry friend in the dust and then come back to him. Would take me a while to do with 0 hits, were you able to? 

Trippy man

Good balance of things going wrong. Not sure if you added a win screen but I completed the update and nothing happens. Nice graphics :)

Very good use of the theme, would have been nice if the CTRL key could lock into place. A bunch of times I solved the puzzle and then hit the CTRL key too far. Well done!

Super silly and fun. I like the noise "acting", give is a person touch.

The random switch was jarring and hard to understand.. but I guess that was out of my control ;). I like the diversity of enemies/weapons

Loved the audio, and the ability to throw them into the sky.  Using ancient artwork really worked :)

Nice zoom effect when the car speeds up, makes you really feel it .