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Hi. Thank you very much for the feedback, it means a lot!

You gave some very interesting ideas here, I personally loved your point of view on number 1.

I must admit that the machine gun thing was funnier / better in the original idea (it featured a chicken defending itself from people). Anyways, I will definitely take notes on everything you pointed out here. Maybe update the game a little, but most of it will help me shape my next project for sure.

Again, thank you for playing it and thank you for sharing your thoughts. I hope to hear more from you in the future, I'm totally gonna check out you games and if I have something to add I'll drop some comments as well.


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I have been testing out game development workflows and here is my second attempt to do something. I worked on this game for about 4 weeks and would appreciate some feedback. This game is a modified version of a global game jam idea from the year where the theme was "Ritual" (a forgot which year it was).

Pigeon Meltdown is a shooter game where you have to compete against other pigeons for popcorn in a square. You have a machine gun that you can use to achieve that goal, but it's bullets are made of popcorns and you have to use it carefully because you need 50% or more of the day's total popcorn count to level up. Each day that you survive, more pigeons appear and more popcorns are thrown, the goal is to set or beat a highscore.

Gameplay video:

You can download it here https://aalves.itch.io/pigeonmeltdown