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Hey thank you so much for the feedback!! 

Polish is definitely something we need to work on, across the board honestly. A slider for the sfx intensity is a great idea, anything I can do to let players tailor the game to their tastes! We're already in the process of redesigning the ui cuz uhh yeah those bars are pretty boring...

if you don't mind, what are your machine's specs? That's the first I've heard of chugging for quite a while. I've been trying to put off optimizing 😅

Thanks!! Glad you like it. We got some exciting stuff coming for Punchy so keep an eye out..

Hey thanks for letting me know! I rolled it back to v.1.11 which will run without steam. Let me know when you get it working! 

Hey thanks for the love!! I'm glad you liked it! We got something really special coming up so I'm hopin we get more attention too :) I'd love to hear more about what you think - you should pop in our discord and say hi!  

Apparently if you download it and then wait to run it, the av software will be able to complete a scan and and confirm its not a virus. I could also try to Dropbox you a link but idk if your av would treat that any different. If all else fails you can disable your av to download it but I totally understand if you don't want to do that. I'll do some research today and see if I can find a better solution.

Hey thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately this is a common problem. Because we're indie and not registered with microsoft, most anti virus sees our executable as a threat :(

Hey we got a new update with a whoooole lot more goin on!

Here's the biggest changes made since my last post (34 days ago whaat):

  • Enemies now have their own unique suit colors
  • Custom controls
  • Unlock techniques for use in future runs
  • The start of "special" levels that mix things up a bit
  • Smaller opening levels
  • 39 techniques total

I go into more detail in our devlogs if you're interested. 

Oh, not to mention we more or less dropped the stamina mechanic, so I hope TheSneaK is happy! :p Its a much better game without it. 

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We got a new update live! 

- 3 new techniques

- New late game enemy type, a real tough cookie.

- Enemies now have a chance to get their own techniques! The chance increases every level. You can tell they have a technique cuz they'll be some funky color.

- Universal controller support?? Only tested with Xbox 360 and PS4 controllers, but apparently it should accept any kind of gamepad!

Also some general bug squashing and some visual polish.

Hope everyone's staying safe out there.

Hi thanks for the great feedback! Glad you enjoyed it!

At that point in the tutorial, you're supposed to throw an object at the targets to the north, and that will open up a path to continue. I guess we gotta make that more clear..

And I totally agree about needing to better telegraph enemy attacks. We're about to start working with an artist who should be able to fix that :) this is all my shitty programmer art lol

To be honest, the stamina bar feels a little out of place nowadays, but maybe handling the UI better would solve it.

That not-throwing bug sounds weird. Could you provide a little more detail about the situation in which it happens?

Thanks again for taking the time to test it! Looking forward to what you think of the next build :D

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Hey we posted  a demo for Super Punchy Face,  a roguelite beat em up about making your fighting styles and using the environment to your advantage.

It's a simple take on roguelites like Nuclear Throne, Slay the Spire, and Spelunky, but with fast paced hand to hand combat. Beat some dudes up, choose a new technique, rinse and repeat.

This is just the prototype, but already features:
- Over 30 techniques to customize your fighting style
- Lots of environmental interaction
- Surprisingly deep hand-to-hand combat
- Randomly generated levels
- Lots of emergent gameplay like knocking yourself with your own weapon when it bounces off you opponent
- Universal gamepad support

PC only :/

Check it out here:

This is all placeholder art, by the way. 

Looking for feedback on the combat, techniques, and difficulty curve. Thanks!!

- Drew

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Eves Drop

is a fast-paced, action game about free-falling through cyberspace inspired by the vertical-scrolling arcade games of the 1990s. Land on enemies and shoot them across the screen with crazy, ricochet physics or destroy data nodes for powerful upgrades

Can you wipe out enough files to access the next level or will you be deleted by the computer's security software?


This looks great! Really spot-on balance of color and movement! I'll have to check it out when I'm on my PC

Is it possible to add a background image for the column with Custom CSS?  I’ve set an image for the header but I want to replace the solid color BG2 with an image and can’t...

Also any suggestion for mobile background scaling on my store page for Eves Drop would be appreciated!

I am vermin.

We have a feedback form for the beta! Filling it out would really help us. FORM

Eves Drop community · Created a new topic Feedback

Hello and thanks for playing! You can use this topic to post any questions/comments/concerns.

New Year's Eve, 1999.
Big Brother has gone too far.
Stop them.

You are the head of an elite underground hacking ring dedicated to stopping the largest surveillance corporation turned deep state puppet master, Big Brother. We've spent months setting up this operation. Tonight, at midnight, we'll have our chance. 

Take control of the E.V.E. program, and take down Big Brother's mainframe.
Free-fall through cyberspace.
Hack classified data.
Rewire the computer's defenses to work for you.
Enhance your program on the fly.
Get through the protocol gates and destroy the data core, once and for all.


Eves Drop is a 2D arcade roguelite about free-falling through cyberspace. Made in GameMaker Studio 1, this project has been in development since August 2018.

8points is made up of two best friends, Drew Dunaj and Jacob Mercer-Pontier. We've been fooling around with game dev for nearly 10 years, and now we want to get serious. We plan to release this game commercially, and this is our first time sharing it with the public. Any feedback, game-play videos, or just good vibes is greatly appreciated :D

We would love to hear any questions/comments/concerns, but specifically we are looking for feedback on the mechanics, powerups, and game-feel. Mainly, we want to know if you enjoy it!

**If you can't stand the bad art or unoriginal tunes, we are looking for both an artist and a composer. Paid work! If you're interested in either position, either PM us or send an email to**