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I made it to the Cool Kids' Club! I am obsessed with the soundtrack btw

Oh I see what you mean now. Yep, I thought that would make things easier to move around - I'm glad you noticed

Yeah, it will become important that blocks can be moved. :)

Thank you! Originally I wasn't planning on further development, but since there has been such positive feedback, I might reconsider :)

Great story - I loved how Enure had such a history. I'll definitely be playing again later to try for better stats :)

Do you have any ideas on what this could become? Let me know!

Thanks so much, Sebastian!

Of course! Email me at:

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Thank you! I'll take note of that as I try to find the balance between challenging but not impossible

Thanks! I wish there could be a level selector too, but unfortunately the Puzzlescript engine doesn't work that way

Ok, here's the segment of code I used for the player's movement. "Cursor" is a transparent object which leads the player, and "Blocks" is a group of objects that the player cannot move through

(------------ Player sliding movement ------------------)
[ Player | Cursor ] -> [ > Player | ] (If the cursor is adjacent, the player moves to the cursor and deletes it)
[ > Player | no Blocks | ] -> [ > Player | | Cursor ] again (If the player moves, and nothing blocks it, the cursor is added back)
[ Cursor Blocks ] -> [ Blocks ] (When the cursor is on something that blocks the player, it is deleted)

I won't publish the whole code, but is there anything specific you want? (ex. rules, levels)

I wish I had known about this earlier, this is great!

Thanks! There's three secrets, so you found all of them :)

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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Cute game and amusing dialogue! I actually felt bad for poor Kevin 

Also, don't forget to make your game playable in browser so that players don't have to download it 

Hello! I wanted to share my newest game, BoxChums 2

It's a sokoban-inspired puzzle game with some new mechanics. This one is centered around the idea of bending light beams to complete levels. It also has hidden secrets and a homemade soundtrack!

Check it out here: BoxChums 2

Wow thanks! I suppose that's a good problem to have :D (maybe I'll make a sequel?)

The last secret is definitely the trickiest, you'll need to stretch a concept. Here's a hint: boxbridge

Thank you so much :D

Thanks finnp, I'm glad you enjoyed it! 

(Also, great profile pic)

It's a game about a time traveling robot! Visit ancient runes, a medieval castle, a future moon colony, and more

Made for the Bitsy Midnight Jam

Play it here!

Thanks Stavros! I used the puzzle game engine PuzzleScript.

Sure, no problem. You can email me here:

Thanks :) My goal was to make it as intuitive as possible

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Glad you liked it! Thanks for the tip too :)

I was stuck on this for a while too, but i figured it out: Gears are made in the "wood router", wooden tools are made at the "basic workbench"

That's so cool! :D  Thanks for playing!

thanks so much! and good choice :P

This is really cute and I love how you made a game about a conlang but I cant figure out how to use the notes  :P

Can I have a little hint?