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Haven't had much time to work on it since submitting and current priority is improving UI but as soon as that is done I'll be getting into the Multiplayer

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For example, could I remove the mud from a character skin and then recolour parts of the outfit

I just want to tweak it a bit to fit consistently with a theme I'm going for with the other medieval assets

If you're still looking for members I have a couple years experience in Unity/C# and can work with 2D(Especially UI) Art in Affinity Designer,3D Art in Blender and sound design in Audacity.

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I cannot seem to move left

edit: NVM Arrow keys still work

charming little game, though the beans being single use is a bit frustrating, and it has nice soothing music

Started the Jam thinking I had a free weekend and was quickly proven wrong but the fact that you can play from start to finish makes me proud. I am still working to polish and finish it though

nvm I was playing wrong

Cannot Drag the bricks

Was this in any way inspired by Gris, I love that game and this gave me a very similar vibe, well done on making it in the video as well

Fun time, more cards

Yeah we had ideas but no time to execute said ideas

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Senor Babbit here

Wow, I have no idea how minesweeper should be played and you taught me how

It was planned to add items but time got the better of us

I may be biased since I did the voice acting but man that was cool, until the eventual crash but we all know the grind that is a game jam

exactly this and it only plays when the game is show on-screen if you scroll down to the comments you don't hear it

wanted to try this for the pixel art that looks incredible, but there's a sound glitch that really irritates me, I don't know how to describe it

I should of just added 2 colliders on those roofs, but thanks for playing

Tnx for the laugh, yeah can't be bothered to fix the jump at his point, it's my first ever submission to a jam(I've failed 2 before) so I'm still proud

Yeah can't be bothered to fix the jump now, but it really helped during testing

Love the idea, very challenging, got to level 30

tnx the map was rushed tho

It was not intended but didn't have the time to fix it

Yeeaaahh... I came across a problem where I couldn't double jump anymore so I upped extra jumps to 2, and when you jump through the platforms it resets the number so not infinte but you can jump 3 times for every platform

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Was running out of time so I couldn't really polish it

But thanks for the praise

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Comment your highscores, here's mine

I will not be updating this game further, it's my first project and I keep thinking of what feature I could add or how I could fine tune it, I will leave this as is and move on to other projects

Thanks a lot, the art was semi-inspired from Don't Starve, Highly appreciate the feedback.

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My Antivirus hates your game

oh and going through the moving squares just starts a particle event and nothing else

Nice game dude, I recommend upping the spinners minimum speed though, and make sure that you've frozen the rotation of the player in the rigidbody

Really good, amazing artwork, great music, felt tense when playing, basically ticked all the right boxes

Preferred getting rickrolled by Half life 3

Thank you for that it brought tears to my eyes

I have been spooped

Thanks BlackThornProd

Great little game

I'm in Zambia

unable to download either