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Thanks much! I've started layering some mouse controls over the keyboard-only controls, but I definitely think I need to take it a step further. And making the objectives a little clearer would be good. That's a really cool idea with the separate decks too.

Awesome suggestions thank you! For sure I need to rethink the Discard mode and there's still a lot more UI improvements I'd like to make in a future update.

Good atmosphere, game is very unique, and overall cool experience. Thanks for sharing!

Funny premise- my favorite parts were the candy sword, swinging the sword about, the large (and unexpected) enemy, and the music!

Impressive everything you put together in just a little over a week. Good variety of art to make the house feel like a house with different rooms. Felt like an Atari game with puzzles, I could never quite figure out the solution, I think I was probably most confused by the combat sequences. But I did like how the heart would change and take on different behaviors based on its color. My only suggestion might be a few more hints thrown in during gameplay.

I enjoyed this. I was laughing at all the ways I died. In level 3 I think it was I hit a little lava ball over a lava pit and it didn't kill me it just sort of knocked me back, but I landed and was just kind of stuck, unable to move or progress any further. Lots of fun though. I particularly liked the rope swing (I wasn't expecting that).

Yeah I should definitely revisit the ground tile thing as it bugs me too. There's kind of a hidden away feature where you can hold the C key and move the camera around with your mouse, not sure if it would have helped but thought I'd throw it out there. Thanks for the kind words!

Thanks for the kind words and the great feedback!

Love the right click to discard idea, I'll definitely have to give that some consideration. And thanks for the kind words!

This was fun and I liked the visuals too. Good use of animation too in the UI.

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Thanks so much- appreciate the kind words and the suggestion too. Update: Point and click is now in the game!