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the comments made me laugh, its like living the development process with the developer, i wish if there was an indication of what to do i got lost for a while and what happened at day 3 (is it just an image or did i missed something). and answer the dev. question " is this even a game?" yes its. thanks for the experience. for some reason unlike the other guys on the comments i don't find it hard nor frustrating. -Apollyon

يسعدنا أنه نال إعجابك ^^

is this something you do on unity? if its on upload we did but it keep give us a error for some reason.

its a browser version,upload as windows.we faced a problem while upload it as html so we upload as windows, due to lack of time to fix the problem. but the .zip file has a .html not a windows version.

(1 edit)

- let the programmer use the engine s/he most conformable with

-if there more than one programmer and both didn't work on the same engine together before, its better if only one person program. or both work on unrelated codes.

- divide the task and priorities early

- make a game with 1 day scope and once it finish, expand on it

please use FireFox Browser, for some reason it seem that it dont work with Chrome.

Nice mechanic and the idea fit the theme perfectly, i manga to reach 52 by getting lucky and make the head collide at 90 degree xD. great job guys and good luck.


great job with the voice over, however when the game start there re 3 pillars with a number on them, there are no box or anything else. hope u fix it after the voting finish. good luck.


the final boss was fun ^^, other enemies was not that challenging, also its better to position the character in the mid of screen not the side since its not possible to see what behind you if its in L.side.

thanks for the experience,

good luck


the illusion of self-presence, the story is fabulous, and it reflect the theme nicely. the visual can be improve tho, and maybe give the player the power to direct the where the story will go?.

Thanks for the experance,

good luck


the illusion of depth and space, love it, great UI, outstanding level design and mechanics. nice background music. one of my favorite Zanga game so far. great job.

thanks for the experience.

good luck


Great job with the story, the conversation with his mom was a perfect ending. save points made the game far more enjoyable that to start from the beginning. both the visual and sound effect can be improved to extend the horror theme. and some trap can be improved to make a real nightmare for the player >:) .

thanks for the experience.

and good luck.


i actually start by going left but the camera didn't follow so after a while i return to left xD, the story and idea are great. however the control is slow at the start of movement and very fast with time that make hard and annoying.

best regards,

and good luck ^^


جميلة جدا فكرة أن ما تراه ليس سوى وهم وما لا تراه هو الحقيقة، اللعبة قصيرة نوع ما ولكن الفكرة وصلت ^^

بالتوفيق أخي دمت بود


Great use of theme, the game deceived you and make unable to recognize what are you looking for. however the game-play jump from 1 button to 9 in one step which really hard, and do it ever end i found away to keep going for a while but seem its an infinite loop.

thank for the experance and good luck,


فكرة اللعبة أكثر من رأئعة، وتصميم المراحل تم بعناية من ناحية التدرج في الصعوبة والتسلية، جانب الرسومات يحتاج بعض التحسين موثرات بصرية على سبيل المثال لا الحصر.

شكرا على التجربة الممتعه وبالتوفيق

دمتم بود


Nice Art Style, and Awesome mechanics. well done. it was a little bit confusing at level 2 door but i finally got it and complete the demo.

thanks for the experience and good luck.


great game i enjoyed the Skull levels the most, i died like 100 time xD but it was fun ^_^. the creepy sound when hit an illusion is awesome, the death visuals and SFX are out standing, the level design is fantastic (rush it and you die ^^). it will be great if you add WASD control, and the possiablity to select which level to start from


لعبة رائعة أخي، التاثيرات المرئية فائقة الجمال، موسيقى الخلفية موثره، الإقتباسات متناسقة مع جو اللعبة وفي مكان المناسب، ربما فقط المتاهه المخفية تحتاج إلى القليل من الصبر ^_^ أحسنت صنعاً

بالتوفيق ودمت بود


the idea is great it little bit confusing at the start tho. i like the way you used illusion to make the player at the same place again and again. our game have a Similar idea,different execution ^^.

so at the start i was really annoyed by the controls i though you only can move box by collide the FP controller with them then i opened the WebGL version and the controls was written there (it will be great if you can add something in game to till about control like to interact press E when you get close to object). also an quit button in game will be great since at the end you fall then restart ^^. also the text was a little bit fast for me (maybe you want to make go to next on player click or something). btw somehow i mange to go out of the maze xD (unity (door)collider hit me and i end up at the wall).

good job,and good luck

thank for the experience.

- ApollyonX

أبدعت في فكرة والتنفيذ. القصة القصيرة في بداية اللعبة كانت ممتعه جدا، أسلوب الرسم كان جذاب ومعبر، التاثيرات الصوتية تتماشى مع القصة وكذلك الخلفية الموسيقية للعب. والصورة التي تشرح الفكرة قبل بدا اللعب كانت واضحة وتوصل المعنى للاعب. التحكم كانت ممتاز. ربما تريد إضافة نظام للنقاط او ما شابه (رأي الشخصي اللعبة ممتعه كما هي من دون نقاط ،ألعب لتجنب الملل ^^)

وأخيرا شكرا لك لهذه التجريبة الممتعه ^^ وبالتوفيق

- ApollyonX

@Abdullah Alsayed يسعدنا أنها أعجبتك، سوف نقوم إن شاء الله بتحسين النهاية بشكل خاص والقصة بشكل عام بعد نهاية فترة التقييم. يبدو ان هناك خطا برمجي في النهاية العربية شكرا لك لتوضيح ذلك.

@IliassFoukhar you are right the end need to be improved at least to give an explanation not just a white screen with text. we will try our best in developing the game further, but for now we will focus on fixing bugs right after voting is finished.developing the game will start at least 1 month from now,since we already have our handful with a project that need to be finished by the end of this month.

شكراً لتجربتكم اللعبة

دمتم بود

@mousa_raef you only need to click the mouse for using UI. you can use WASD or arrows to move. (there are a bug that make the mouse cursor not to show up sometime)

شكراً لتجربتك اللعبة

دمت بود

Release Note:

Version 1.1.1

- more options to the control As Request form players Feedback, now you can jump using W or Up Arrow, attack using Z, guard using X and S.Attack using C

- Show Controls key change to K

- WebGL build will be provide so Chrome users can easily access the game (with in 24 hour from Release)

Desert Knight Full Run (Spoiler Alert)