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@Abdullah Alsayed يسعدنا أنها أعجبتك، سوف نقوم إن شاء الله بتحسين النهاية بشكل خاص والقصة بشكل عام بعد نهاية فترة التقييم. يبدو ان هناك خطا برمجي في النهاية العربية شكرا لك لتوضيح ذلك.

@IliassFoukhar you are right the end need to be improved at least to give an explanation not just a white screen with text. we will try our best in developing the game further, but for now we will focus on fixing bugs right after voting is finished.developing the game will start at least 1 month from now,since we already have our handful with a project that need to be finished by the end of this month.

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