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the idea is great it little bit confusing at the start tho. i like the way you used illusion to make the player at the same place again and again. our game have a Similar idea,different execution ^^.

so at the start i was really annoyed by the controls i though you only can move box by collide the FP controller with them then i opened the WebGL version and the controls was written there (it will be great if you can add something in game to till about control like to interact press E when you get close to object). also an quit button in game will be great since at the end you fall then restart ^^. also the text was a little bit fast for me (maybe you want to make go to next on player click or something). btw somehow i mange to go out of the maze xD (unity (door)collider hit me and i end up at the wall).

good job,and good luck

thank for the experience.

- ApollyonX