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Oh wow, that’s great news! 👏 More than happy to wait. 🙂

Hey Gregor, are there any plans to do a new print run, or create a POD version of Sagas? I’d love to get a hardcopy!

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Yes, that feels like a good summary. I might expand the “Success” section a bit to expand on handling multiple successes, as this could be a bit clearer.

One thing to also mention here is that if you require more than one success and fail to achieve the full amount - but have at least one success in the pool - you could absolutely treat that as a sort of partial success, or “yes, but” or “no, but”.

In fact, you could go with this PBTA-ish definition:

  • “yes, and” - more successes than required.
  • “yes” - the right number of successes.
  • “yes, but” - at least one success, but not as many as required / failed roll where there is a risk the game could grind to a halt.
  • “no, and” - default failure position.
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This is effectively adding a levelling and toughness buffer to the game (which is pretty antithetical to this game’s design philosophy), but I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work.

By all means, hack and modify YZN to your personal preferences - just be aware that as written it is designed for more gritty games that are more focused on everyday people rather than typical D&D-style adventuring heroes. That’s one of the best features of the Year Zero Engine IMHO.

I specifically wanted to avoid XP as I’m not a fan and I personally feel it detracts from the story, but you do you. It certainly won’t break anything if you replace the (very lightweight) advancement system I’ve put in with a more traditional XP advancement system.

This is inspired by the FKR, so the only right answer I can give you is: however you want to handle it.

That said, my default is (1).

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No, Conditions are only “Trauma”. A player’s successes can / should certainly impact the environment, but that’s not really addressed with this word.

Couple of things being addressed here.

First: Accessibility. Not everyone has lots of D6, and while most people can scrape together 6 from board games, it’s also not too tedious to roll a single D6 up to 6 times if you only have the one.

Second: To prevent “dice hunting”. Something that many dice pool games can suffer from (this is pretty table-dependent) is when there is no cap on the number of dice rolled, players will continually hunt for more options to add dice to their pool.

Third: Balance. The success criteria only works if the dice pool is small. The Wild Die adds a bit of extra randomness to the mix.

All that said, if you want to remove the cap, go for it. As for Conditions-As-Aspects, that could definitely work (and FATE is a big influence in both Year Zero Mini & Nano), but I personally agree that a bigger result is better. Not sure why you’re refering to Conditions with success criteria, though. Conditions = Trauma, and that’s not always what a player is rolling successes to achieve.

Absolutely - fire away!

Though please bear in mind a couple of things:

  1. I still consider this to be in a beta state as I’m the only one who has (to my knowledge) run anything with it. It’s very new! So it could be that it needs a bit of polishing or tweaking before I consider it ready for v1.0;

  2. it’s designed to be hackable and modular, so tweaking systems is encouraged to get the right feel for your world and table.

Awesome - looks great! Now added to the collection.

I’ve fixed these typos and version 0.5 is now live. Thanks once again!

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Good catches! These are leftover draft terms which I missed.

Every use of “Complication(s)” on page 9 and 10 should read “Condition(s)” and “gaining a Consequence or Flaw” on page 12 should be “gaining a Condition or Flaw”.

I’ll fix these ASAP. Thanks for the feedback!

Very helpful, thanks!

Happy to help!

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Ran through this today, and a bit surprised to find a reference to the Rabenkunst spell list in the lower level, when this product doesn’t yet exist.

Also, I couldn’t find any precursor beast generator in Bernpyle Issue 1… I eventually found the link in the description here, but in the actual dungeon it references Issue 1, and as I’d printed the dungeon off, I wasted a bit of time trying to find it there.

You should probably remove these references. Otherwise a fun little dungeon crawl!

Really lovely pocketmod - great job!

Thanks! Just seen The Long Moonlight and it looks great!

Thanks, and you’re very welcome! Love how you’ve implemented it with the Forbidden Lands of the Ancient Temple!

Awesome! Posted your WIP pics from Twitter here so people can see it in action. Happy it’s a good fit!


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You’re very welcome! Happy to see people are getting as excited about it as I am! Looking forward to seeing what people come up with.

You’re very welcome! Please come back and link to anything you happen to make with it - I’d love to see it put into practice!

Hi, this is lovely! Any chance of a high-res image file that can be used on a VTT or digital whiteboard, for online co-op play / streaming?

Two incredibly simple oracles to replace entire rulesets! You can easily tweak the background elements to make it fit your setting, which is great. Now I just have to figure out something to run it with. The grey matter is churning, but some one-sheet MORG adventures are needed, I think… :)

Perfect, thanks! One last question - when you have welcomed a royal family, does the house count as 1 or 3 villagers? We think it’s 3, but the question came up, as it really counts towards the final tally!

Just played with my wife and 5 year old son and we had a blast! I also have one question about the “royal” villagers… If you have the pattern for, say, the K/Q/J of hearts, can you add their house when you get a face card of any suit? Or does it need to be a face card from the matching suit (hearts in my example)?

Hey, really enjoying my initial read-through of this game, but could you please provide a version with individual pages? Spreads are quite annoying on mobile devices. Thanks!

This is really great, full of flavour and plot hooks!

Ok, understood. Thanks for the quick reply. Bought it anyway. 😉

Hi Calum, any chance of rolling this up as an epub?