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Glad you enjoyed it! Polites is the best sleepiest boy.

Thanks for playing and recording a video!

Thanks for playing! This was for a game jam with a restriction of 1,000 words, so we put in just about as much as we could given the limitation. Glad to hear Cilantro has a fan!

Tasty's performance for said Moo was, truly, immaculate. Thanks for playing!

Ah, thanks for playing! Glad Daisy is getting the love she deserves! 🐮

Glad you've been enjoying them! Always makes our day better to see someone interact with our works.

There is currently a way to play it offline mode if you use the official itch app. We have no plans for a desktop executable version, though that would essentially just be a webpage with the game on it. Your browser probably also is capable of downloading all the contents of this page if you request it to do so, and that should work since the game itself has no server-side communication.

Thanks for playing, and thank you for the great video! We are working on more games, so be sure to follow us on social media @3HalvesGames

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Hello! We would love to submit this one free game of ours, a game that has been featured on the itch front page before, for inclusion in the bundle. The title is Animal Crackers, Thank you!

Edit: That said, if free games are to not be included (I see there is a debate on this) please do not include the title. Thank you!

This game's nearly five years old at this point. When it was made it wasn't made with full-screen support. We're interested in one day going back to this and cleaning it up, modernizing it, and so on, but it'll be some time before we get the capacity to do that given our current project, Sovereign Tea. Apologies for the inconvenience, but glad to see this title still has interest, somehow!

Thanks for playing it! We did have talks of a sequel in works, though that has been put on hold as we focus on our larger work, a Tea VS Coffee SRPG entitled Sovereign Tea. We'd love to return to the multiverse with the DM soon!

Thank you! The soundtrack is by Louie Zong, used with his permission and including the commissioned title track of the game. If you haven't gone through his Bandcamp before, we would recommend it. There's a lot of good content here:

Really glad to hear that. We're happy that we made something that makes others happy, too!

Thanks so much for playing! Glad you liked it.

Thank you so much Katy! I also love chickens. Spread the chicken love!

Thanks! I wrote a devlog for this game about our engine, which is a custom one (non-Ren'Py, non-Naninovel) in case you were interested in learning more!

Thanks for playing! I must profess that I have no farm knowledge, but it's neat to see that others felt I did!

Oh wow, a Let's Play already! Definitely tweet this one out to us @3HalvesGames, we'd love to RT it!

We made the left/right system originally for a VN we made for 2-Buttons Jam at the end of 2018. That entry was the lengthily titled What Do You Do When You Ask Four People Out and They All Say Yes? Glad you liked the control scheme!

If you do draw her, please share it with us! You can tweet us @3HalvesGames. Always love to see fanart!

Thanks for commenting on the voice sound effect! This is only my sixth or so time making a sound like that. Last time I used only simple sinusoids or square waves, this time I experimented with superimposing some sawtooth in there, too.

Hi Violette!

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. VAT should be enabled now for EU-based clients. Please let us know if everything's working!

Thank you for your support of our in-development title. Feel free to join our Discord if you want to talk about the game with us and the community.

We like her a lot too! All the date options are characters from our previous games. Yanmei herself is from Eons Lost: Arrival. If you wanted more Yanmei that's where you can go!

There are four endings, one of which is the Best Party. It takes a bit to learn exactly what you need for this!

Thank you! We wanted it to serve as an introduction to the world of Eons Lost. Oftentimes, children's plays and stories have more complex themes than expected!

Hi there, let's talk about this. You should get an email from us shortly.

Thanks for checking out our game! We hope to continue to bring many cute little games to the world

Thanks for playing! I believe you were the first person to discover that ship, congrats! 🐻🧙‍♀️

We are glad everybody loves the Dating Master!! ☆

To answer your question about dating the DM... maybe! 🌌🌌🌌 The full game is out now, so there's only one way to find out~

Thanks for waiting! v1.0 is out now! 🎊

The wait is over! v1.0 has been released today! 🎉

In the full version you'll be able to! 🐻

Thanks for playing!

Hi there, thank you for playing! The tortoise isn't the one you need to bring the lily to, he simply exists to inform you a little bit about that plot thread. Try talking to everybody before picking up any animals to uncover plot clues, as some animals are more keen on the President's activities than others.

Our Eons Lost series features four protagonists, one of whom is named Yanmei (艳梅), so yes! If you want to see more of that particular character, check out our mobile game, Eons Lost: Arrival. Thank you!

You did really well in your playthrough! Most of your decisions looked optimal. Thank you for playing!

Thanks for playing! One of the goals of the game was that people who don't know baseball could still find enjoyment in the gameplay, so we're glad to see so many non-baseball folks interact with our title!

As for the graphics, as stated in the entry we use Morph3D base human models. These are available through the Unity Asset Store. The models at highest quality have an incredibly large number of vertices, so instead of presenting them at the highest level of detail we use the lowest level available. This gives a more blocky feel to the character. Next, we wrote our own custom unlit vertex shaders that simple color the vertex with a solid color. We made materials for each component of the person (hair and body) and simply swapped out the provided materials from Morph3D with our own. This same strategy was used for non-human components like the table and background decorations.

Thanks again for playing! Hope we answered your questions.

We had the option of either going with nothing but hard baseball stats (OBP, SLG, WAR, oRAR, etc.) or doing something more accessible to less sporty folks by making things surreal, and we chose the latter. :) Thank you for playing!

Glad you enjoyed it!