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Thanks for checking out our game! We hope to continue to bring many cute little games to the world

Thanks for playing! I believe you were the first person to discover that ship, congrats! 🐻🧙‍♀️

We are glad everybody loves the Dating Master!! ☆

To answer your question about dating the DM... maybe! 🌌🌌🌌 The full game is out now, so there's only one way to find out~

Thanks for waiting! v1.0 is out now! 🎊

The wait is over! v1.0 has been released today! 🎉

In the full version you'll be able to! 🐻

Thanks for playing!

Hi there, thank you for playing! The tortoise isn't the one you need to bring the lily to, he simply exists to inform you a little bit about that plot thread. Try talking to everybody before picking up any animals to uncover plot clues, as some animals are more keen on the President's activities than others.

Our Eons Lost series features four protagonists, one of whom is named Yanmei (艳梅), so yes! If you want to see more of that particular character, check out our mobile game, Eons Lost: Arrival. Thank you!

You did really well in your playthrough! Most of your decisions looked optimal. Thank you for playing!

Thanks for playing! One of the goals of the game was that people who don't know baseball could still find enjoyment in the gameplay, so we're glad to see so many non-baseball folks interact with our title!

As for the graphics, as stated in the entry we use Morph3D base human models. These are available through the Unity Asset Store. The models at highest quality have an incredibly large number of vertices, so instead of presenting them at the highest level of detail we use the lowest level available. This gives a more blocky feel to the character. Next, we wrote our own custom unlit vertex shaders that simple color the vertex with a solid color. We made materials for each component of the person (hair and body) and simply swapped out the provided materials from Morph3D with our own. This same strategy was used for non-human components like the table and background decorations.

Thanks again for playing! Hope we answered your questions.

We had the option of either going with nothing but hard baseball stats (OBP, SLG, WAR, oRAR, etc.) or doing something more accessible to less sporty folks by making things surreal, and we chose the latter. :) Thank you for playing!

Glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing our game--we really appreciate it! There's no sequel to this planned, but we have other games available for play. Most are pretty different from this one, though. Thanks again for playing Animal Crackers!

Thank you for playing! Regarding the story, this demo takes place partially into the full game of Eons Lost and not the start of the story. That said, we adjusted the scenario to have more introduction battles, tutorials, and the such. In the full game, expect this area to be a little bit different, as the initial introductions and tutorials would occur in an area prior to the forest. Regarding the thumb blocking, we did notice some of that, but determined that the play style felt more natural than with a virtual D-Pad. For the full game we will consider options that will work around this.

Thank you for your comment, and we hope you continue to follow the development of Eons Lost and other 3 Halves Games titles!

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The lead designer for EXTRA PLANETARY posted a brief recap of the game's 3D art in the general community—check it out!

Thanks for playing War of the Lilies: An Eons Lost Story! This game takes place in the same universe as a much larger game we are working on, entitled Eons Lost. While this game is a VN with RPG elements, Eons Lost will be an RPG with very minor VN elements. A lot of the cast that shows up in this game will show up in Eons Lost and we're quite excited about that!

To stay up to date on Eons Lost, please follow us on our Twitter @3HalvesGames! Thanks!