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Fixed a dialog, pathing, and npc bug

I appreciate the detailed input, thanks so much!  I'll keep spending time on it. :)

Solid game all around!  Favorite piece of the platform design is when you jump on a platform and the rest of your friends hang on to each other.  Nice touch!  

"Aim down to get high.... what?!"  lol man this game has a lot going for it.  Thanks for the experience.  I commend your hand drawn animations... bad ass!  I have a controller and had a great time.  I tried the keyboard for fun and it wasn't that bad but could use some love.  

Only suggestion but I know that time is limited when jammin':  you have solid animations.  When pressing left to right, right to left - have a 2-4 frame animation of the character spinning to that direction.  

Great work and I see you are using Phaser like me :)  I'm digging the battle system.  A mix of a clicker and moba with the mouse clicking... felt right at home.  Slow at first but I gave it a chance and had fun with the game.  If you plan on adding more goodies, I'd suggest the enemies "see" you and run though a chase function of some sort.  Great job!

Impressive and feature rich.  I had a blast playing this game.  Brought back some FF9 memories.  That says a lot! 

I know it's a jam and all but if you're going to continue on the game and to juice it up, I'd suggest having the character have additional animation when turning from left to right, up to down, up to left, etc.  Cheers and great work!

Thanks for the comments.  I'm working on a build that fixed some of the problems with casting spells and a tooltip that defines what the spell does.  I bit off more than I could chew again :)  Cheers!

The controls are too simple!  Actually my fingers are numb and I couldn't to jump during the horizontal beam, let alone type this comment.  You're killin' me!  :)   Good job on the unique and killer controls.

Artwork is great, nice job on the animation, foot prints, and it looks like you experimented with pushing objects.  I was expecting to find a fishing hole though :)  Keep working on it!

Great tile set, I'm gearing up to jam out on a game with these.  

Do you have any future plans on creating characters that will fit within these tiles?

Thanks for the comments!  I'm working on an updated patch with audio and gameplay improvements.  It feels a lot better hearing a fireball roar past and smash into a tree or casting a healing spell.  I'm not sure why I didn't spend any time on the sound, it brings the game to life :)

Thanks for the comments!  Ran out of time near the end.  Good news is I've been iterating a bit more to turn it into a full fledged game.

Had a lot of fun playing this.  Challenging but possible to overcome.  Good to hear you're going to keep working on this game!

Good to hear you were surprised.  I want to iterate more on that concept.  Thanks for your comments, means a lot- cheers.

Looks beautiful - nice polish!!  The slapping FXs during the fight is a great touch.  I went all dodge and was able to get lucky a few times with HP left.  #blessed baby!

Haha!  I did spend a lot of time on those slappin' bendin' trees.   The trigger areas were fun to program.  I had too many ideas and lost sight of what I wanted to do - next time I shall keep it simple!