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Cute little game :D

It became very easy though after I lost a single limb and I probably could've continued forever. Mayhaps make it a tad bit harder as times goes on?

Presentation is nice, but there was an unfortunate lack of gnomes. Maybe for the DLC?

Creepy and atmospheric :D

Was quite a bit confused where to go though :p

And no gnomes were hurt during its creation ;)

I would've liked to go deeper into the heart mechanics, but my brain was toast after programming :'(

You should be able to respawn the block to its initial position when you exit and enter the room :)

Physics were doing some strange things at some points :)

Thanks for playing!

Played it, everything was extremely confusing XD Liked it, but would've wanted a lot more direction on what to do.

Also the reduction of heartbeat you get from the minigame should be much higher

Thanks :) good that you figured it out!

Some people seem to require the walkthrough though, either due to impatience or them not having any experience with the console.

From: Prince Abaeze
To: Winston
Subject: RE: Root Access
Dear Winston,
My name is Prince Abaeze and I've been wrongly exiled from my country.
My evil uncle Onochie has stolen my throne and is enriching himself on the back of the country's citizens.
Unfortunately I have been stranded in a foreign country and I do not have the necessary resources to fight my evil brother's tyranny.
I would be eternally grateful if you would be able to lend me the small sum of 1000$ so I can organize a gorilla resistance.
After reclaiming my throne, I will vastly reward you using the royal treasury and declare you a hero of the people;
Kind regards & thank you for your help in reclaiming my country's freedom from tiranny,
Prince Abaeze
Rightful heir to the throne

Nothing matters anymore and we are all going to die.

This is my first solo gamejam, but I've made a lot of jam games in teams before.
Handy cheat in minesweeper: Click on the numbered tiles and everything will will become clear. This cheat is fully intentional and I totally didn't mess up some code somewhere.

The theme is a lie

:D did you check out the walk-through?

I agree that the game is not for everyone though :)

Thanks for trying my game out!

Very difficult to play because of my AZERTY keyboard :'(

Also the game was extremely zoomed in to the point of being disruptive to the gameplay

I like the graphics and nice sound :D

Also I think there's a small where the shepherd doesn't move to your mouseclick if you are too far away from him?

I mean: Thank you for playing my game! Story was supposed to be even more grandiose than this... oh well!


Funky little game, not bad! It took a long time to get any upgrades though..

Not bad :D

I liked to graphics and aesthetics, but some small sound queues for firing your gun and zombie noises would've been nice!

Nice little game you got there :D

Was very difficult if the correct items didn't spawn in the beginning. Maybe make it a bit less difficult to get upgrades in the beginning?

ALSO: I am using an AZERTY keyboard! Please either have rebind-able keys or also make it possible to move with arrow keys.

Had fun XD

Only critique I have is regarding the lack of minimap or indicator of where to go and the lack of knowing enemy HP.

Great game 11/10

Can't wait for the sequel where you met Genghis Khan-Kun

Well according to his last mail he was just overreacting! I'm sure he is fine :)

Small reminder that not everyone has a QWERTY keyboard! (I'm using AZERTY) Maybe also bind movement to the arrow keys to avoid this issue?

Game was relatively short, but I had fun :D Stealth mechanics could have been expanded upon?

Anyway, nice game you got here!

I love the content/theme dissonance in this game: Parasitic worms crawling up people's butts in some kind of happy mushroom fairyland.

I'll be taking some inspiration from this game...

Poor Lucas Tillborg! He was a guy down on his luck and Andrew Pantheon gave him a way out... 

Thanks for playing and glad you enjoyed my game! XD

Didn't know about Uplink!

I mostly got inspiration from Hacknet and Hypnospace Outlaw, but I'll definitely check Uplink out at some point!

Thanks for playing my game John! :)

Getting compliments from your household AI should be a standard regardless of your OS :D 

As for PNGs.... The PNG format is relatively new and exotic format. I think you are demanding too much by expecting it to be supported out of the box!

Thanks for playing!

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Cool game :D Nice backgrounds and graphics :p

I did all the courses in the first and second map, so it might be better to more gradually unlock courses instead?

Also I couldn't continuously pet my dog :(

Loved it because it reminded me of clicker games lol <3

That ending :D
Graphics, SFX and gameplay was great!

Unfortunately.. it does become a bit repetitive after a while... Maybe there could have more variation on the magic trick itself (random yellow circles instead of fixed yellow circles?) Maybe even a little bit more stories in-between locations?

Also I couldn't go from Wachovia Berg to Yorechannel on the map? Might be a bug?

Anyway, great work :)

Thanks :D

Unfortunately, the nomad theme got kinda lost in the end. There was supposed to be more of a nomad-y 'journeying' theme in the actual story of the game. Journeying in the sense of traveling through OS versions, etc... (Maybe it made more sense in my head? Who knows!)

I have added a step-by-step walk-through for anyone that gets stuck:

An in-game hint system would've required more development which probably, if I had it, I would've rather spent on further polishing the game's features.

Most of my time spent during development was spent getting Godot's control classes to behave as I wanted to. For example, I initially used WindowDialogs for the program windows... but those things actually behave horribly in my context! Thus I had to switch to Panels and program the actual closing, minimizing and dragging functionalities myself!

I would've liked to spend a little bit more time getting the Terminal window to behave like I want to (Better auto-focus, auto-scroll , etc...), but I was out-of-time...

Here's a step-by-step walkthrough with MAJOR SPOILERS for anyone that gets stuck:

Hey! You can find the relevant files on our Git repository, here:

Thanks for playing :D

Yes, the indicator for the active character is something that didn't make it in unfortunately.

The little guy (B3B3) has a special perk that gives him full amount of healing charges at each turn. But the rest of the children don't have this ability (they do have other perks!) The descriptions for the perks are written in the upgrid screen though :D


Thanks for your praise!

Will do :D

Hello! Thanks for playing our game :D

I do agree that the upgrid UX can benefit from a few more iterations. Problem was that we wanted both mouse and keyboard support, but the system that made it in ended up being a combo of both, which has some counter-intuitive elements/decisions.

Glad you found the upgrid screen though :D

Hello! :D Thanks for playing and for your high praise!

To answer your question:

D4yz (Pixel wizard) and Willowblade (programmer) worked together a lot on previous game jams, with some JohnGabriel also having a part in most of their games: &

While this is my first GWJ, I did work together with Willowblade a lot on past jam games, which can be found here:

Had lots of fun with this one :D

Like other said a better indication of the exit and some damage indication on the end boss would be nice. I wasn't sure I was actually doing damage to him :p

Yes... Calling the button used to erase your save file "New" was a bit of an oversight on my part...

Actually we should we should called it "Erase" to better communicate its function :'(

Thanks for playing :D

Hello :) Thank you for high praise!
Initially the upgrade system was supposed to give perks as well and thus really change/mix-up the game-play.

Alas this feature didnt make it in :(

The TAB one is a bit tricky, but I do agree that we could polish the levels a bit more :D

Nice game :) Some quirks with the release text not staying on screen long enough and the game could have benefited from a semi-spooky music loop :p

Had fun though, so that's great! Now to get that sturdy key and pet the dog...

:) Thanks for playing!

We are still hammering out all the bugs, please check back at the submission deadline for the (hopefully) bug-free result :D