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Oh, gee, I can't speak for everybody, but:

AAA games don't get published to, but they do get published to Steam. There's something about having a small game published alongside big games that makes an indie game on Steam feel more important.

There are many people who exclusively play games on Steam... Valve have actually been sued because of having something close to a monopoly on the games marketplace.

Another reason is that Steam handles a lot of the publishing stuff. That means marketing, refunds, and cloud saves get handled for you.

Valve asks for $100 to keep shovelware off of Steam, as you already know. New games undergo manual review, so the fee helps reduce Valve's workload. You do get the $100 back, though, after your game has sold $1000.

The sad part about publishing on Steam is that they take a 30% cut of sales. This is unfortunately pretty standard as it's also the cut for GOG, Apple's App Store, and the Google Play Store. Epic Games Store takes only a 12% cut, which is second only to and self-publishing at 0%.

On GOG: they take 30% but all games published there are DRM-free. For most other platforms, when you pay for a game, you aren't buying that game. What you buy is a license to download and play that game. That license can be revoked whenever the publisher or developers want it to be, making game preservation very difficult. This is not true of DRM-free games.

Publishing is free on but Steam asks for a one-time, $100 publishing fee.

Thank you for playing! I'm happy to hear that you loved our game. 😁


Thank you! We will continue to do our best work. >:D

I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it. :)

Thank you for playing! Your thoughts pretty much concisely reflect my own feelings on our team's game. :)

Thank you! Our team is proud to hear that you liked our game.

Thank you for playing! I'm glad you had fun with it. 😁

Thank you!

I hadn't thought of dice as distinct from randomness for that reason, hm. What I've used dice for before is to determine a result randomly, so I associated them with randomness as a concept, but it seems that the applications of dice are wider than I had originally thought! Thank you for offering your feedback! ^^

88 is my high score, too! :D

This is a really clever idea and I had a lot of fun with it! I think there were a good amount of levels and they were appropriately challenging. I am also a fan of the sound effects and visuals. Really nice work! If I were to change anything, music a restart key would be good, but I realize those have already been mentioned. Knowing in advance that all opposing sides of a die add up to seven was really helpful and made the puzzles more enjoyable. Possibly, informing players who aren't familiar with that detail could help more people enjoy your game. 😁

I am very fond of the music / atmosphere and very impressed that you were able to implement multiplayer in such a short amount of time! Adding the dice together to match the cards was really fun; I enjoyed the light math. I would love to have played for longer but two cards with 60 and 90 respectively just got stuck? I didn't have enough dice to possibly add up to either and those two cards seemed to persist between new games. :(

I'm glad to hear that you had fun! This theme was tricker for us than last year's, for sure, but we were certain that we didn't want to do anything with literal dice, so I tried going at the theme by thinking about the motive behind it, which I figured was to get people to play with randomness. Good RNG is hard to do well for games, I've learned!

By "bad humans,"  my intention was to say that they were unconvincing at being humans. Could any "human" created by the HUMAN GENERATOR™ be truly human? I don't know. It's buggy. So buggy that the unconvincing ones explode! 💥 As for the T-shirt with eyes, because there was a motif of eyes in the alien antenna and skin, I thought that continuing the eyes motif to the shirt would help players understand that they were related. I've seen a lot of atypical clothes... Teacup-shaped mini hats, clear plastic shoes, etc. Shirts with a lot of eyes aren't that out-there, I'll admit, but I have trouble thinking of something that is. 🫠

Oh, I see! If they increased over time, that would be a good way to have a progression of difficulty within a round, which was something we were lacking. I hadn't thought of that! :o

Oh, cool! I'll try that. Thanks for the tip! :)

Haha! This is a fun interpretation of the theme! The driving physics are fun (it's my favorite part of Rocket League) and I can see the benefit of using a die to play because it lands on a flat side and can then be easily aimed at. I do wish that there were more opportunities to drive quickly because that was my favorite part. Sadly, I don't think the randomness introduced by using a dice over any other cube made the game particularly more enjoyable, but there were a lot of touches to your game that showed consideration, like the camera of what side it would land on and the compass above the golf cart indicating where to go. I used the "R" key a few times and it helped from interfering with my experience when I got stuck. I can tell that more time was put towards the programming than the art, which I think turned out to be a good decision, despite the unpolished look, because the product feels good despite not looking perfect. :) I only wish I'd been able to hear the music. 😭

Aw, I'm so happy to hear that it made you laugh! Thank you for playing. :)

It's so cool that the sound effects were made using real dice!! I also dig the music. The art is also very charming and the mechanic of shelving cards to get run on the dice roll is a fun way to tie the game into the theme. The pixel art not being pixel perfect works surprisingly well with the rest of the game. Perhaps due to the very limited color palette? Unfortunately, I did get stuck upon reaching level 2 as it would not accept any positions I had the cards in. :p  Overall, well done!

I like the art and CRT filter, as well as the dice bouncing. I managed to beat the game on the second try after getting stuck the first time! This idea is really clever--it has the same charm that other level building games offer but with the random twist. Neat! I do think, however, that when I placed tiles that would be completely unreachable, it was unexciting. I do not know how you would get around that. :p Let me know if you are going to continue developing this. I am curious to see where the project goes, if anywhere. :)

Woww 100 is really impressive. My highscore is only 88. What do you mean by assigning them randomly?

Thank you for playing! Our team is very flattered to hear that you find our work professional. :D

Thank you for playing! I am glad to reach with someone who, like myself, has a fondness for cute sci-fi. :)

I am happy to hear your thought that our 3125 characters (excluding the two UFOs) are cute. :) Thank you for playing!

There being nothing differentiating the gameplay at the start, middle, and end, is, admittedly, a point of weakness. Regardless, I am happy to hear that you had fun playing our game and appreciate your feedback!

Thank you!

Thank you! I'm glad to hear that you found it funny. ^^

I will have to think about what differentiates chore-like and entertaining activities, and how I could apply that knowledge to the game / in the future. I appreciate your feedback and perspective. Thanks for playing!

Thank you for playing! Your description made me laugh. :)

What was gained from spamming: 0 and the sound of constant explosions.

Wh-- how........ How did you get 200????? o_o  👏👏

Our team is flattered to hear you say so. :)

Thank you!

I am very happy to hear that you liked it. ^^

Hey, 54 is a good score! Thank you for playing. :)

Thanks! <3

Thank you!

Thank you for playing! Having watched people play now, I agree that the X button isn't very obvious. I hadn't thought of a start game button, for some reason. >_< We appreciate your feedback. :)

My best score is 88. Top that, ha!