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Nice game! I spend so much time thinking how to win last two levels.

It's probably just me but i was distracted from time to time with a thought of why in this cube world the player is a ball. :D

Keep up a good work!

That's soo cool. At first i had no idea what i was doing but fortunately i read your tutorial and I love it.
The artwork is cool, the soundtrack is awesome to listen while playing.
It has so much potential to be a really good rougelike game. Tbh you could even make a mobile game from that.

However i have one thing you could improve. The visibility of what's going on. Maybe you could split the scene between fighting and navigating/chosing who will fight. Also maybe largen the dice on the map when rolling for movement because i had no idea that that little dice was even changing at first xD but maybe that's just me (or lack of animation).

Overall Good job! It's so addicting. Keep up a good work! :D

It's a lovely game. I almost won on all levels but the last one was way too hard for me :D.
I think your game needs just a few tweaks and additional mechanics. 

Like already people commented, with your design with random enemies some kind of indication of the next move would be perfect since now you could be just rolling back and forth wating for AI to make that specific move to win which can be a little frustrating. 

Also a condition "To defeat: Odd numbers" for me was a little misleading. I was trying to beat level by "attacking" other dices when they had odd numbers. xD

Now that's propably me but prediction mode and dissasembly mode was kinda weird to work with, maybe because there's one side missing on your diagrams? I don't know tbh.

Over all i like your shot on this theme. Good luck and don't forget to improve. :)

Yeah my game is kinda hard, but I had no other idea tbh. But after working on it I though it's difficulty to be like a rubic's cube that you can solve all alone by progressively getting use to it and taking it slowly at first.

After all thanks for your comment. I'll do everything to get better. :)

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Thanks for your comment. I had no idea what to do this jam and went with first thing that came to my mind and when i realized it will be a hard game it was too late. But a spelling mistake... although english is not my first language i feel so embarrassed... :P  When it comes to this bug, it's possible it happened as i had this problem while programming this game and i tried to fix it but it seems like i possibly missed some conditions especialy since i worked alone.

I haven't had time to think the camera through. I Thought on having either ortographic camera with dice a little to the side so that the "minimap" is better visible since it's mostly important, or have a camera also on the side with 2-3 sides visible. And at the end it's a mishmash of both. xD

However Thank you for your comment. I'll try my best to improve myself. :D

Wow! it's a little scary but fun. I like it!
Good job! :)

Nice game! 
hitting the puck is kinda weak and belts could be faster so it's more out of controll but it's fun game overall.

I must say that's one of the most polished games i've played during this jam so far!
The only thing i would change is so the level are more different from each other.
It's a really good and funny game. Good job! :)

Yeah, My game is boring after like 10 minutes. I could propably add more features every 5 rounds or something like that but i had no idea what those features could be. Anyway, thanks for feedback! I will keep in mind to try to make gameplay less repetative and more interesting. :)

Cool idea!

Personally I would change one thing and that is the slime so it fits with other textures because now his/hers one pixel is like four on other textures. He/She just want to be more detailed. :D

Thanks! Glad you like it. :D

The balloon gets slightly faster each round but you're right. I had some issues with balancing gameplay. I wanted to make it hard but guess it's too hard now. Thanks for feedback! I will keep in mind to pay more attention to balancing gameplay.

I like the idea and execution. Overall it's really nice game. Good job! :)

You're right. Music is really important in video games and i messed up. I'm not good music creator but guess i have to learn a few things about it . Thanks for feedback!

Yeah, i couldn't find/make any fitting soundtrack but thanks for feedback. I will keep in mind to polish sounds/music more during next gamejam. :)

i'm pretty sure that music in tutorial screen is much louder, but it doesn't matter because i love your game idea. If it's not a feature the only thing i would improve is how cars spawn.

I agree with you, I had no idea how to implement theme into my game so i just started with basic gameplay. With time i couldn't decide what "Only One" thing i want to show. I'm glad you liked it and thanks for your feedback! :)

Yeah, i went with square playing space which was pretty bad idea especially for fullscreen. I wanted to balance the game that way but i had not enough time to polish it. Thanks for your feedback!

Really good idea. I had fun playing it. :D

Really cool i love it :D.  Yet i still think the levels should be getting harder, not easier like it was for me.  :)