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looks cute

This game is addicting. Would love to see new updates :)

hugues laborde answered CC4.0

freut mich xD

Mega nices game, hoffe du wirst noch lange dran arbeiten :)


thank you for your feedback 

thank you :)

thank you very much for your feedback. Through this game jam I learned that I definitely need to do a bit more with the theme :) 

Than you very much 

thank you very much for the feedback. The enemy thing is a bug that I tried to fix but it didn't work. I initially wanted the player to kill a few more enemies than just one per level, but sadly it didn't work. About the smashing hammers... I didn't even see that, I am going to take a look at it. To be able only to shoot right was on purpose to make the game a bit challenging. Thank you :)

thank you very much for this compliment :)

nice game :)

funny game, I liked it

thank you very much :)

Amazing game. I cant belive this was made in 72Hrs. What game engine did you use?

WOW, this is the best and polished game I have seen in this game jam. 

thank you very much for this kind comment. I completely forgot to write that you can wall jump.  This will be improved in the future jams :)

Bist du deutsch?

Are you german?

Because of the name "Blauerkillerguy"

oh nooo haahha

you should be friendly and don't implement new mechanics. Only major bug fixes. A game jam is an experience to learn art and programming, it's not only about competition. 

zombie xD

nice game :)

Nice game, had fun playing it ;)

this game was fun to play

thank youu

you can publish the .zip file here on

Thank you for the nice comment :)  yes I didn't make any game over screen when you have 0 HP

really cool game, i would liked to have a line to show where the magnet will land, but all in all the game was really fun to play

thank you :)

It  was really funny. It was my first game jam ever. I had much fun.

thank you ;)

really nice game, had fun playing it

thank you, you have the ability to wall jump. What exactly is broken about the HP Bar?

Try it again and it will function :)

The music and the sound effects fit perfectly to the whole atmosphere of the game. I really liked the art, especially the retro look of it. Keep going :)

oh, of course, I should have thought about that, thank you :

Yes I know, I am a beginner and this is very good for my level and the amount of time I had. I am going to upload a better version of this game soon. Thank you for playing :)